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By Lord Brett
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The DM Reporter is an often very funny Twitter feed:
PETER HITCHENS’ TWITTER TIPS: Always accuse users of any social media format you don’t properly understand of being a bully or a liar.

PETER HITCHENS’ TWITTER TIPS: Name-dropping George Bernard Shaw, the Algonquin Round Table or Hegamon of Thasos always makes you seem clever

PETER HITCHENS’ TWITTER TIPS: Searching for your own name and replying to every tweet gives you oodles of credibility.
SOUTH AFRICA: Nelson Mandela’s health improves, raising concerns he won’t die before our special celebration pullout on Sunday.
By youngian
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Cheers, now following

The DM Reporter ‏@DMReporter 7h
ENERGY: Likelihood of power blackouts increases due to benefit scroungers using iPads to look at porn.
The DM Reporter ‏@DMReporter 21 Jun
ALL GROWN UP: Defenceless schoolgirl abducted by her teacher, now 16, flaunts her curves and shows off her assets in sizzling leaked snaps.
By Fflaps
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I like the replies to DM Reporter too. It's amazing how many idiots, sorry, people take the tweets seriously - check out the favourite tweets in DM Reporter's profile. Peter Hitchens doesn't approve :)

Edit: here is a link to the posts from their #banbenefits hash tag" onclick=";return false;

And their blog post about it" onclick=";return false;
By youngian
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Neil Powell ‏@Gr1ngo_ 24 Jun

@ClarkeMicah perhaps not, but a quick look at @DMReporter tweets would have told you it is a joke account

Peter Hitchens ‏@ClarkeMicah 24 Jun

@Gr1ngo_ @DMReporter I don't care. It's not funny to tell lies, So what's the joke, exactly? A joke account would have to be funny.
That told you!

Surprised to see Peter Hitchens on Twitter which you would think he would dismiss as tomfoolery for yobbos like Russel Brand.
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