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By davidjay
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Tubby Isaacs wrote:
Fflaps wrote:As other people have said it's all very well if you live near a decent range of shops, have a car or can afford home delivery, but there are plenty of poor areas that don't have markets or supermarkets" onclick=";return false;
We've got a fruit and veg co-op in my inner city area, much cheaper than supermarkets. Not many people know about it though.
We had a mobile one that lasted about two months. People preferred to go to Asda.
By Ebon Badger
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I can't remember the last time I ate fresh veg. Plenty from the freezer though. Fresh broccoli round here costs a lot, whereas for a quid I can get 900g of frozen broccoli which has several advantages: I don't have to worry about eating it before it goes off, I get more for my money, I don't have to wash and prepare it and the only bit that goes in the bin is the bag it comes in. I also have the equipment to keep it frozen and to cook it. As someone else here alluded to, it's all well and good saying "look, delicious meals for cheap!" but decent cooking equipment costs a lot and requires finding the time to go to the relevant shop to get it or having enough knowledge about cookware to buy it on the internet- buying Teflon coated pans when you only have metal utensils and can't afford to get a set of plastic ones is an expensive mistake to make, especially if you only find this out through experience, by which point it's too late to send them back.
By new puritan
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More bollocks from Heath, this time on social housing. Apparently we don't need to build any because most of those pinko Europeans have a lower proportion than we do (even 'socialist France', whatever that is). ... using.html" onclick=";return false;

Savepenrhos dot co dot uk • 11 hours ago −
The truth is, that the Germans and Swedes control rents in the private sector and licence and stringently control landlords - who have to have their properties inspected by the authorities before a new tenant moves in and any faults rectified beforehand. (I've lived in both)

That's why they have far less need of social housing - effectively their private rental market is fully socialised anyway.
Can't see Heath wanting to subject his rent-seeking sponger mates to that sort of state scrutiny.
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