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By Esqui
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Is a 'plotician' someone who writes stories?

And there's no reason Oliver shouldn't give diet advice. When it comes to judging people's lifestyles, and using the food they eat to determine their income or class, and to judge their personality, that's where he should shut his mouth. He's in danger of going into Katie Hopkins territory.

Back when I was a bit younger, my mum fell into a bit of a loophole with various benefits (she was a full time student with two young children), and as a result, she had to feed all of us for £21 a week. She's not a bad cook, and was rather adept at creating meals from very little - but often, it was necessary to do sausage and chips from the freezer. If you absolutely need to, a 1kg bag of chips can do 3 people for several meals (costing about £2). You can get 20 frozen sausages for a couple of quid, and they can last for a few meals.

I would love to see Jamie Oliver be in the same situation. £20 to feed 3 people for a week, with full time study, a part-time job, two kids to look after, wash for, take to school, etc. He'd have chips in the oven after a few days.
By The Red Arrow
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Some very tittersome indeed, some rude...

Top tweets for #askjamieoliver" onclick=";return false;

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There's an interesting link in there, too... ... _final.pdf" onclick=";return false;
By canus insanus
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Nigella Farage ‏@NigellaFarage 10h
Crime in the UK is a major concern. What do you think should be the punishment for using substandard oils in salad dressing? #askjamieoliver
:lol: :lol: :lol:

On the other hand,...
Steven Moore ‏@MrStevenMoore 13h
I'd like to #AskJamieOliver which proportion of fees he gets from promoting supermarkets he is prepared to give to food banks?
Dean Burnett ‏@garwboy 20h
Poor people: don't squander money on houses, just eat organic vegetables and build a primitive hut using the peelings and your own tears
By The Red Arrow
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He's on a roll...

Jamie Oliver Says British Workers 'Whinge'
Jamie Oliver courts controversy by saying that European immigrants are "tougher" than British workers who whinge about long hours.

His comments come after he sparked controversy with his views on poverty
The television chef, Jamie Oliver, has said that if his restaurants had to rely on British staff rather than European immigrants they would close.

Oliver said that immigrants were "stronger" and "tougher" than their British counterparts who tended to "whinge" about too long hours.

He said that he had mothers telephoning him to say that their sons were “too tired”.

His controversial comments come just 24 hours after he sparked anger by saying that families trapped in "modern-day poverty" forked out on giant televisions instead of healthy food.

In his latest comments, the 38-year-old told Good Housekeeping magazine: "The average working hours in a week was 80 to 100. That was really normal in my 20s. But the EU regulation now is 48 hours, which is half a week's work for me. And they still whinge about it!

"British kids particularly, I have never seen anything so wet behind the ears!

"I have mummies phoning up for 23-year-olds saying to me, 'My son is too tired'. On a 48-hour-week! Are you having a laugh?"

He told the magazine: "I think our European immigrant friends are much stronger, much tougher.

"If we didn't have any, all of my restaurants would close tomorrow. There wouldn't be any Brits to replace them."

Oliver, whose restaurants include Fifteen, which helps the young unemployed, and more than 30 UK branches of Jamie’s Italian, said: "It's all very well when people are slagging off immigration and I'm sure there are problems.

"Older people always complain about youth and I think it's a good thing because it is always changing. The young will be better at different things. But long hours in hot kitchens is not one of them!" ... ers-whinge" onclick=";return false;
By youngian
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Jamie Oliver has done himself no favours which is a pity. Having lived with a chef for a number of years I picked up loads of good tips about cooking on a budget. Before that I was crap cook and I didn't feel patronised by learning something off someone who knew what they were talking about. What I am lucky enough is to have a busy low budget London High Street in walking distance with good grocers and supermarkets. There are plenty of estates up and down the country where the poorest people face the highest prices and least choice from one overpriced corner shop or mini market.
By sporran
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Blimey. No wonder he doesn't want his workfare slaves owning massive fucking TVs. Time wasted watching TV is time that could be spent making more money for Jamie Oliver.

And of course then he'll moan about them coming home from their 80 hour week and flopping out in front of the massive fucking TV with a plate of cheesy chips.
By youngian
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A bit more perspective from a similar low budget meal creator- ... 86690.html" onclick=";return false;
“Try it. For a month, or two, or five. Unscrew your lightbulbs, turn off your fridge, sell anything you can see lying around that you might get more than £2 for. Missing days of meals, with the heating off all winter, selling your son’s shoes and drinking his formula milk that the food bank gave you. Stop going out. Walk everywhere, even in the pouring rain, in your only pair of shoes, with a wet and sobbing three-year-old...

“Drag that three-year-old into every pub and shop in unreasonable walking distance and ask if they have any job vacancies. Get home, soaking, still unemployed, to dry out in a freezing cold flat. Then drag yourself to the cooker to pour some pasta into a pan, pour some chopped tomatoes on top, and try not to hurl it across the room when your son tells you that he doesn’t like it... You’re full of rain and heartache and anger and despair and it’s starting to seep through the cracks…”

This person does not pop down to a local market and smile sweetly at the stallholder for a handful of gourmet vegetables. This person throws whatever is in the cupboard into a saucepan and prays that her child will eat it.

That “massive telly” that everyone is so obsessed with, the ludicrous slur that people can’t be poor if they own a television set. In modern-day Britain, a family’s status always comes down to the size of the television set. If you’re rich, your home cinema is a sign of your success. If you’re poor, even the most meagre television set arouses suspicion. Does anyone think to ask where it came from? I’ve never bought a television set in my life, but I’ve sold three that were given to me.

Many of today’s 13 million people living in poverty in the UK are the “hard-working”, the “strivers”, underemployed and underpaid. But there is a common fantasy among the self-appointed poverty experts such as Oliver that all struggling families are eating chips with cheese on top, reclining in front of their massive television sets.

Oliver raised some good points about food education and culture, but they’ll be lost among his assumptions. With three food banks opening in the UK every week, it is time to tackle the causes of food poverty, rather than glossing over it over with diversions about chips and Sky boxes.
By Esqui
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I also don't understand the relevance of having a TV. People struggling to make ends meet don't necessarily always start that way. What about the couple who bought a top-of-the-range 50" TV three years ago, before they were made redundant and now it's one of the few things the kids have for entertainment - the cinema, theme parks, even a train journey are all too expensive? Or a single mother who took out an 18-month Sky contract before being struck down with a debilitating illness and losing her job, and has to choose between organic gourmet veg and paying off the contract to avoid the bailiffs at the door?

For all his man-of-the-people, good working Cockney lad schtick, he seems incapable of understanding that every situation is different. (Reading up, he was raised in a picturesque Essex village with his parents owning and running the local no, he has no idea about poverty). Yes, I'm sure there are a handful of families who spend the majority of their benefits on luxuries and the bare minimum on food, but I'll bet they are vastly outnumbered by the number of people who meticulously plan their spending down to the penny in order to feed themselves. And if they want to have something different each day, they bloody well can.
By Messianic Trees
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Unfortunately, this isn't the first time he's made this sort of comment about TV sets.

From an article about a 2008 interview he gave to Paris Match:
Commenting on the fact that 80 per of the British do not even bother sitting round a table for dinner any more, Oliver says: "It's true in the centre of London and in the big northern cities. It's linked to the new poverty.

"It's nothing to do with famine or war - quite the opposite. England is one of the richest countries in the world.

"The people I'm telling you about have huge TV sets - a lot bigger than mine! - they have state-of-the-art mobile phones, cars, and they go and get drunk in pubs at the weekend - their poverty shows in the way they feed themselves.

"I found the cooking of the inhabitants of the slum in Soweto in South Africa a lot more diverse than ours. It's true! I'm going to be harsh, but I think a lot of English people's food lacks heart. It's bland." When it was suggested that the English can't savour food because they drink too much, Oliver says: "It's true. Historically we've never produced wine. We have a culture of alcohol and we're more beer orientated: the only people who drink more than us are the Irish and the Scottish."
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