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Hope you're happy now Daily Mail. They have been cited along with a general lack of reverence and arse kissing to rich celebrities which may cause Trudy Styler and Sting to leave the country. ... ve-britain" onclick=";return false;
and last weekend's heartbreaking news that Richard Branson has moved permanently to his Virgin Island tax haven has suddenly become two-pronged. There really is no easy way to say this, but Trudie Styler, too, is thinking of ditching us. "I don't want to criticise my country," explains Trudie graciously, "but there are times I feel that Sting and myself have been treated unkindly [by the British press]."
Boo hoo
Even so, what has brought it all on? "The unkind treatment," speculates the Times, "may be a reference to the damaging story a few years ago when the couple's personal chef successfully sued for unfair dismissal after losing her job while pregnant."

"It was very wounding," explains Trudie. "I wasn't even asked to speak up for myself. It was trial by Daily Mail."

Technically, it was trial by Southampton employment tribunal (case unanimously upheld, with Ms Styler's "shameful conduct" toward her servants cited in a blistering judgment) – but go on.
Trudy Styler's dad hated Britain.
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