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By Andy McDandy
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Ah yes, foaming nut brown ale.

And the Now Show...yes. Hugh Dennis reads out a story in one of his 3 voices (Cameron, Prince Philip or Mr Strange), then Steve Punt says "You see, the funny thing is...", before spelling out the obvious joke, tha you probably saw coming a mile away.

They dd a book a few years ago that heavily lifted material from Lee and Herring.
By youngian
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Mellor and Livingstone are entertaining enough, Ken introduced a Mail political hack this morning as a journalist for Der Sturmer which made me smile. James O'Brien is the token house liberal contrarian who takes callers to task talking nonsense. Apart from that its a hothouse of egomaniac right-wing rentagobs.
By youngian
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The only drawback of tuning into Ken Livingstone's show on LBC is that you might leave the radio on to catch a snatch of Petrie Hosken.

Jesus if this woman was any more reactionary she would be in Poland by Wednesday; 'Gay marriages is it wrong' give us a call, 'can we take anymore immigrants, Britain is full, is it time to leave Europe?' our number is, 'time to retsore the death penalty?', we want hear from you.

More foghorn than dogwhistle politics.
By youngian
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This is highly recommended
The Crime Conundrum" onclick=";return false;
Since the mid-1990s something remarkable has been happening. Crime has been falling for two decades. More remarkably hardly anyone predicted this development, and it has continued despite the recent recession and cuts to police budgets.

And this surprising trend is not confined to the United Kingdom, but seems to be replicated throughout the developed world.

Dominic Casciani attempts to explain this extraordinary phenomenon, talking to experts and policy makers. Have we misunderstood the causes of crime and the role of government policies, the prisons and the police?
Some highly convincing explanations are explored as well as some more leftfield studies about lead in petrol. And whether a country has been reducing or expanding its prison population it has made no difference, crime is down throughout the Western world and there is almost no argument about that fact.

Except for Michael Howard who is in no doubt its due to him banging more people up and only idiot would argue otherwise. Evidence for this is that every Home Office politician apart from Ken Clarke has followed his policies. Which tells you more about the political hacks running the Home Office than anything else.

Also an interesting point made was about the media which crime reporter Casciani admits himself doesn't have the vocabulary or wit to even report this trend.
By youngian
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Andy McDandy wrote:There's a good argument to be made that easily available contraception and abortion has a part to play.
There's a US correlation with Roe Vs Wade made in Freakanomics. As birth rates are falling in most of the Wesern world (although I think the UK bucked the trend recently) the fact that there are less young people to commit crimes does sound like a plausible factor. The programme did touch on an older population demographic as a contributory factor as well as teenage pregnancies falling.

Another factor explored was the falling resale value of electrical goods made burglary less lucrative along with higher detection rates and better security.They didn't mention if crimes like credit card and computer fraud had risen.
By Andy McDandy
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Absolutely regarding burglary. One expert I heard/read put it down to the fact that these days people are most likely carrying their most valuable/easiest to sell on possessions (wallet, MP3 player, phone), and home security tends to be rather good these days. Everyone knows not to let in people claiming to be reading the meter, and consumer durables aren't exactly easily portable. And as we move to a cashless society, not many people have wedges of notes lying around. So far so good re. burglary, but I'm not sure what mugging/pickpocketing rates are looking like.
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