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By shyamz
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AOB wrote:He's so insignificant he's not worth getting wound up about. Does he have even one famous song? Normally people who suddenly appear in the public eye do it as the result of a hit song. He just appeared- famous for nothing. He'll be out of the public eye in 5 years unless I have it wrong and he has tremendous songwriting talent and by his mid 20s will have penned his A Day In The Life or Life On Mars or Billie Jean or Paint It Black, as their writers did by that age.
Baby was his big hit and he's coasted on the waves of that ever since.
By spoonman
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shyamz wrote:That is one of my biggest concerns, when charity becomes a magic wand that makes all a person's behaviour -even the awful stuff- invisible. That just makes a mockery of all the normal people who do good work for charities and don't expect praise for it or act like dicks.
Example A - Jimmy Savile
Example B - Ian Watkins

PS if Bieber's lawyers are reading this, your client isn't in the same league as the two people mentioned above. At least that we know.

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