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Recent mention of the Cockburn lads Alexander and Patrick brought the place to mind again. Like any political journal - let alone a radical one - it publishes a mixture of solid gold and utter balls. Enough gold to be worth a look though.

Here are a couple of articles bringing the latest good news from Iraq.
Why US Airstrikes Won't Stop ISIS
The Propaganda War in Baghdad
The US Government is linking military assistance with the departure of Nouri al-Maliki as Prime Minister, on the grounds that his policies have provoked the Sunni revolt and that no attempt at national reconciliation will be taken seriously as long as he is in office. Generalised Sunni hostility to Mr Maliki as a sectarian hate figure has enabled Isis to ally itself with seven or eight Sunni militant groups with which it had previously been fighting. ... n-baghdad/
Supporting Democracy is So Yesterday
Washington’s Rats are Abandoning Maliki
Whatever one’s opinion of Maliki — and the truth is he has been a fairly typical Middle East strongman, brutally surpressing the Sunni minority on behalf of his Shia backers, and also playing hard-ball even against those Shia politicians who would be his rivals, including having them arrested — betrayal of allies noble and vile has of course been a long tradition in Washington. So has dropping any pretense of supporting democratic elections. ... ng-maliki/

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