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By The Red Arrow
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It's Dickinson's Robbing Bastards at the moment. I have an entry on my bucket list about going on there and smashing an heirloom with a mallet screaming "I'd rather do this than sell it to you!"

Rant over. Carry on, chaps.
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I wish him every misfortune in whatever project he embarks on. I have unfortunately been present in a room when he was on TV a few times. "GET A JOB!!" he would yell. When you are unemployed, you have a particular heightened attention towards anything negative towards benefit claimants. People like him fed into the right wing media demonisation of the unemployed. Yes, because it's that fucking easy. Get a job. Get to fuck, Jeremy.
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By Boiler
I can remember sitting in a hospital waiting area with my late mother whilst she was waiting for a pre-med and that shit was on the TV, being watched by a couple of women. As soon as they were called through, I got up and physically turned the TV off (but couldn't reach to unplug it). The receptionist looked across at me, grimaced and said "thank you".
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