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Abernathy wrote:Long history here.

Phil Collins
Stephen Hendry
Tracey Emin
Ray "Wankah" Winstone.
Jim Davidson was another. Don't let us stop you Jimbo.
He could always go and live in the cottage he restored in Wales. That's the one featured in two series of programmes on BBC Wales which followed the process from dilapidation to a stunning piece of property in a beautiful location. No doubt a fair chunk of the restoration work was funded by the fees he received for appearing, writing and producing the two 6-part series.

He came across as a short-tempered, impatient twat in the programme who wanted everything done his way and despised the planning authorities who tried to have the restoration done in a way that was sympathetic to the original property. His son also featured in the programme and would have also received appearance fees plus a fee for him being the architect.

He now rents it out as a holiday home. Where are the Welsh nationalists when you need 'em?
sporran wrote:Don't forget Paul Daniels.
I try to.

Whenever these buggers come out with this my response is "Don't let me stop you"
My sometimes hapless mother has an uncanny knack of crystallising debates. After pointing out that Hendirx, Kubrick and Terry Gilliam were happy to move to Britain when top rate income tax was at its height she admitted not having heard of these people but reminded me of some of the talent that left the country; Englebert Humbledick and Joan Collins.
He was one of the founders of Talkback, the production company. Flogged it off for a fortune, after being behind many comedy hits of the 80s and early 90s. He was also one of the lead writers on Smith & Jones (the late Mel Smith was primarily a performer/director), so collected royalties on that. Not short of a few bob.

There's a piece in the Times today saying that of all the celebs who threatened to leave the country back in 1997, only Phil Collins and Jim Davidson (albeit briefly in his case) went through with it.
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