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By Daley Mayle
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She has a news magazine-type programme that goes out at 9.15am on the BBC News channel and BBC2. It covers what is currently in the news and breaks every now and again for updated headlines/weather etc. She is a very good interviewer and has recently covered difficult issues such as an elderly survivor's experience of a concentration camp and Down's young people talking about their lives. She listens to what's being said and only gives a prompt or intervenes when necessary. She has also interviewed politicians in the run-up to the GE and she was successful at getting answers and cutting through the crap.
By Malcolm Armsteen
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Mrs A and I watch this most days, and she's good. Researched, doesn't take on too many stories, and intelligent.

Almost like a proper journalist. It won't last - seriously, the BBC will cave in as soon as she upsets a Tory.
By Projective Unity
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Really?? I think it's an awful show, suited for BBC1 at 9pm like Kilroy - not on the news channel. The pieces are boring Mumsnet type fluff and VD herself has the rapport of a turd. Can't believe the the BBC has given nearly two hours of it's news channel for this dirge. Sky News must be loving it.
By Kreuzberger
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Whining, reactionary, faux contrarianism. How this excuse for a broadcaster got within a million miles of a C30, let alone a Sony, is completely beyond me.
By Malcolm Armsteen
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Gosling is a graduate of the University of Birmingham from which she obtained a degree in French, and the University of Grenoble. She is married to Craig Oliver, who is British Prime Minister David Cameron's Head of Communications. Her first book, Simply Wonderwoman – a guide for busy working women with children – was published in 2011.
Her first book, Simply Wonderwoman: A survival guide for women with too much to do, was published in October 2011 by Kyle Books. It is a how-to guide for busy working women with children.[17] The book was serialised in the Daily Mail
Gosling is married to Craig Oliver, the Director of Communications for 10 Downing Street.[25] The couple have three children.[26] Oliver is a one time head of network programming at ITV News,[27] and former editor in chief of the BBC Six O'Clock and Ten O'Clock News. In May 2009 Oliver was appointed as the new deputy head of the corporation's multimedia newsroom, replacing Mary Hockaday, who had been promoted the previous month to be the new head of the operation that oversees all BBC News output.[28] Oliver was appointed Controller of English, BBC Global News in April 2010, with responsibility for multiplatform commissioning of all BBC Global News English output.[29] He took up this role after editing the BBC's 2010 general election coverage.[30] He was appointed to the position of David Cameron's Director of Communications in February 2011 following the resignation of his predecessor, Andy Coulson,[31] taking up the position at the end of that month
That lefty BBC indeed...
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