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By Daley Mayle
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This show used to be my breakfast viewing of choice but along came Victoria Derbyshire on BBC News who is both easier on the eye and covers subjects in a more grown-up way. However, today is the anniversary of 7/7 and it had dominated the news all morning and she was going to go over the same ground so I switched over to TWS. His guest on the panel was none other tha, ta-daaa, Dirty Des! No, not the one off 'Stenders but the Porn Baron of the Express. He was plugging his autobiography and Matthew interviewed him in the manner of a savaging such as one might expect off a dead sheep, to coin a phrase.

It is worth a look at the catch-up to see the way the man manages to dodge the most feeble of questions but that's not all folks! His fellow panelist was none other than Yasmin Alibhai-Brown and any student of body language could have chosen this meeting together of two diametrically opposite personality types for their dissertation.
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