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By Kreuzberger
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The Today Programme is where, for fifteen hours a week and along with its conjoint mates in the press, sets the news agenda.

There is plenty to discuss.
By youngian
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Humphreys couldn't hide his shock and surprise at a British Attitudes Surveys in which most people thought immigration was a good thing; "So this is not just the metropolitan elite," Humphreys struggled. A half decent journalist would know this from the EURef results in which most Leave areas have no experience of immigrant influxes. People Humphreys speaks for.

And Kremlinbot Trolls are disguising themselves as UKIP and Brexit supporters on Twitter, according to Nick Robinson. No that's not a disguise that's what they are.
By Malcolm Armsteen
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An interesting piece on the programme on the Guardian website today, by Miranda Sawyer: ... g-its-grip

It is always hard to judge a piece about journalism by a journalist, as they tend to be even less objective than usual. However Sawyer does go (very gently) for the jugular, especially over the charges (upheld) of false equivalence and the toxic nature of John Humphrys.

She rather gently criticises Sarah Sands (editor and captain of this ship of fools) but never really makes plain what appears, by the end of the article, to be a fairly substantial criticism - fear of offending Brexiters (including Humphrys), promoting false confrontation, subservience to Trump, inability to understand balance, even after being issued with 'guidance' from above, and inclusion of trivial articles. And of failing to confront or control Humphrys.

An interesting read.
By youngian
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Today's dismal decline is even more pronounced if you listen to Farming Today preceding it. It maintains high Reithian values with some excellent reporting of original stories accessible to people outside of their core audience.

I think I only listen to Today now for its car crash value like Nick Robinson earnestly reading out Brexit opinion pieces from the Express as if its a paper of record.
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By Boiler
I often listen to it on my drive to work; quite often when Humphrys is on, I'll switch off.

The comment about Justin Webb doesn't surprise me as ISTR he was a US correspondent for many years.

But here's the problem; when the funding of the organisation is tied so closely to government cycles (although IIRC they've now moved the Charter renewal away from election periods) and it has vociferous opponents in the press and within political parties of all colours it is bound to tread on eggshells - hence the infamous 'balance'.
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