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By Kreuzberger
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Knowing your thoughts on many things, as I think I do after some seven years' correspondence, exchanges and banter, I can only imagine how it pains you to start this thread.

The BBC was never perfect and neither should any media organisation be when it is, by definition, doing its job when it makes snap decisions and valued judgements. It was the closest thing we had to a tangible national conscience. And, because of that, it feel like we have been robbed of one of our most precious and probably irreplaceable institutions.
By Bones McCoy
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Was chatting with an old friend today, and we wanged onto the number of people you'd need to organise a coup.

We started with the dark ages, where at one point a "Heer" of 48 warriors siezed the throne of Mercia.

Things quickly came up to date:
Franco and a couple of airplane loads.

Then we took a close look at the present: Trump and some of his oputrageous appointments (We're still waiting for the checks and balances).
And May's cabinet - stuffed with a complete over-representation of the extreme right of her party.

My pal finally sighed and listed the number of (one time) Tory activists in the BBC's political bureau.
Anybody might think there had been a concerted campaign - through that would be entirely a matter for you.
By Bones McCoy
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