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Watchman wrote:
Fri Dec 07, 2018 1:03 pm
Not quite in keeping with this thread.....but why all the woooha about the (major production) Christmas adverts; am I the only person on the planet NOT to have seen them?
All you need to know: Carrots good, parsnips bad.
AOB wrote:
Fri Dec 07, 2018 11:24 am
The Peloton advert, purely for using the phrases "Let's do this!" and "You smashed it!"

The social media equivalent of middle-management corporate team meeting bullshit jargon.

While we're about it, the price of that shit?

Two fucking grand for a shit spin bike, that can't do anything else, with a bodge-job calculated power meter, no actual gearing, a q-factor wider than the Kalahari, a shit saddle and bars that make no fucking sense, then 20 quid a month for someone to facetime you spin classes?

Max of a grand for a half decent second-hand road bike (with bars, a saddle and gearing you can choose for yourself and change at will), 200 for quiet trainer, 2-3 hundred if you scratch about for a real, direct force power meter, then 7 quid a month for TrainerRoad. It'll do a much better job, and it'll still take you to the pub of an evening or to the top of the Tourmalet.
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The Ring advert is an odd one. A Marcus Brigstocke lookalike doing his shopping gets a notification on his phone that someone is at his door so he asks what the person wants. It's actually the world's most polite ne'er-do-well who asks him if he has seen his cat, and says "no worries, farewell my good man" (not quite but nearly) when the Marcus lookalike makes an unscary demand that he leave. There's another ad by Ring that involves a fairly smartly dressed delivery driver with the air of a man with all the time in the world who actually looks more like an office supervisor standing in for someone due to staff shortage.
The latest Sky Bingo with the camp voiceover. How downmarkt can these people go?
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