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It's about time adverts dropped the 70s sitcom dim, hapless husband stereotype. Plumbs Furniture Covers have, or had, a series of ads for their sponsorship of ITV3 and the husband is portrayed as a dopey idiot dropping things he is trying to hang up and getting spoken to by his wife like he is a naughty child when he tries to sit down. Aldi, who'd you'd think were more "with it" being a modern supermarket, are no better. In the current ad, the female has booked her fella a gym membership with the money she says Aldi have saved her, quite clearly an unwanted gift judging by his reaction. This is after she has informed him of the month long vegan diet she has ordered him on, when he thought it was for a week. If the roles were reversed all this would have slightly sinister controlling behaviour overtones. For all the irritations of Alexa adverts, at least there was a refreshing moment in a recent one when Alexa tells the dad of a message left by his partner who had had a busy day with their baby that he was doing a great job. Mutual appreciation and a relationship of equals, rather than the Terry (from Terry and June) character that too many advert makers seem to think represent all men in the home.
Boiler wrote:
Mon Jan 07, 2019 7:12 pm
Hasn't there been a recent Ofcom ruling to this effect?

I believe it was the Advertising Standards Authority.
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