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'Harmful' gender stereotypes in adverts banned

There used to be a series of ads sponsoring ITV3, I think it was Plumbs sofa/upholstery coverings. The wife used to speak to the husband like he was the dog.

While I'm here, the current Alexa ad with the grandson and grandad. The grandson is singing Valerie before he goes out and when he returns the grandad gets Alexa to play it. The problem is the grandson hasn't even got the melody right- he'd be rubbish on the Guess The Song round on Buzzcocks. I would've thought the actor might have Googled the song the night before filming.
There is an execrable TV commercial running at the moment for something called "Fuze Tea", which features an appalling - appalling - version of the late, great Jim Croce's beautiful love song, "Time in a Bottle", which sounds like it's being sung by a twelve year old down a length of plastic sewage pipe. Fucking horrendous.

Herewith Croce's touchingly beautiful original :

It's Lykke Li singing, who in all fairness isn't actually all that bad, and has a few great songs in her back catalogue. This awful shit of getting a young, hip (ish) girl(usually) to record a fey, bloodless version of an old classic really got it's start once the bastards in advertising could convince morons that Christmas ads are an event.
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In a way, that Fuze tea cover is probably a bit like what I was saying about Miley Cyrus, Nine Inch Nails and Black Mirror t'other day on the TV thread. Thing is, that was supposed to be jarring and fucking with your perceptions and memories...
The Secret Escapes ads are a bit "up themselves". Anyway, I've just visited their website and you have to join up to even browse. For browsing holidays! They can do one. They are missing out on potential customers by putting obstacles in the way of a mere browse. I sense they see themselves as "exclusive" when the daft bastards should just wake up and realise they are just one drop in an ocean of holiday sellers.
Yorkshire Tea make decent ads, as well as a decent brew. The latest is with Sean Bean, although you're not meant to tell your staff of upcoming fire drills as it defeats the object.

I spend too long considering the minutiae of ads. For example, in the Hotel Trivago one with the girls in the gym discussing their recent trip to Amsterdam, I pondered how come they are only now discussing how much they paid for their rooms. I assume they booked separately when staying at the same hotel, but I think in real life it would be the kind of thing that would have cropped up in conversation at a much earlier point, especially if one of them paid £200 for one night which she considered pricey. Did she not think of raising the issue with her friend prior to booking?
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