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Viz once did an army ad, with the slogan "Cos all the birds are gagging for squaddies", followed by a cut out coupon saying "I'm not getting any, so I reckon the chance of a uniform guaranteeing me a nosh off some tart is well worth hiding behind a wall in Belfast for the next 2 years".
At the time of Thatcher's pit closures I had a conversation with a friend's mother who assured me that the unemployed ex-miners were simply work shy. After all, the London Evening Standard had lots of jobs.

The fact that they were 200 miles from the miners and for secretaries and shorthand typists was simply dismissed.

Mail to the core.
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There's several other ends of it, too.

The job ads for jobs that are probably nodded and winked for a particular candidates, but need to be advertised because of the law.

The eternal job ads for factories etc. where the churn of workers is so high they pretty much have vacancies at all times. I used to work for a big compost producer. That was the whole story there. Average length of service was about six months before burnout/injury.

The "ads" for Uber, Hermes and all that other gig shite that aren't really for jobs, never close and rarely, if ever, give full time living wages.
Also, the plethora of seasonal work, particularly now, accounts for a fair amount of job ads. Some of those are dishonest because they imply this short-term work will lead to a very good chance of permanent employment after Christmas, when in fact they have no such intention. Nearly always well-known firms who do that. Heard of that ploy several times over the years.
Good point, @Bones McCoy . I'm sure some job ads are personal detail gathering scams too. When I was unemployed, I remember seeing the same office manager vacancy constantly advertised on the official Job Centre Plus website by a security firm I hadn't heard of. The "date advertised" was constantly refreshed/updated over many months. There is no way any employer would struggle to fill that job. I could understand an employer constantly advertising for labourers or store assistants, for example. They didn't have their own website (red flag straight away) and it was an "email your CV" type application. I used to to wonder why JCP never latched onto the fact there was something a bit iffy about a small company constantly advertising the same specific, non-general role.
Army reservist ad on the radio; "When you look back on your life, what are you gunna say you done with it?"

I'll be able to say I've not spent it creating passive aggressive advertisements that attempt to manipulate the gullible into joining the army, for a start.
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When I was off work recovering from surgery, the TV lasted all of a day before i decided daytime TV just wasn't for me, and it was the advertising that done it. Personal injury, consolidation and payday loans, and bloody recruitment adverts. It just all felt a little targeted.
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