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Abernathy wrote:
Sun Jan 19, 2020 2:15 pm
Subway currently have a TV ad in which they advertise a vegan version of their frankly disgusting meatball sandwich. What is it with everything being feckin' vegan all of a sudden?
"Veganuary", apparently, is a Thing Now. I've been feeling it more than a little in work.

Like Dry January, a load of old shit.
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I rather like our vegan days. Much looseness of bowel, heightened awareness and greater agility all round.

I am just not very good at it.
There's a bit of me terrified that the Metformin is hiding something more sinister, but given my HA issues and my mate's condition (and he is doing incredibly well, BTW) it plays a lot on my mind. I've also long suspected - but have never been formally diagnosed with - IBS.

I do wonder if I go hell for leather on a diet, get myself into diabetic remission and off those tablets then things might be better.

Of adverts, walking around the local hospital there is a mahoosive campaign everywhere - even on the ambulances - about sepsis. It's a pity they weren't so clued up ten years ago - I might still have been married today :cry:
The Red Arrow wrote:
Sun Jan 19, 2020 11:49 pm
FFS. Stoptober, Movember get on my tits. And 'regular pupdates'. :roll:
I agree the whole "issue of the month" thing has reached overload and seems as random as Hallmark cards with their "second cousins day" specials.

Movember seems to be the original, supported a good cause and seemed like a lot of fun.
Most of the others appear to be focused on lifestyle improvements.
There may be some sense in having a designated month in those cases.

I've heard it said that one can learn the rules for a good practice, but actually doing it for 3 or 4 weeks will build a habit that sticks.
That one with the tennis player in an oh-so-gladiatorial arena and the murder by rap of Für Elise at the end is so ball-achingly awful I can't tell you what it's advertising.
It could well be just a matter of time.


Bonus points to the first pop picker who can tell us WTF the pic has to do with anything. :wink:
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