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:cry: 100 %
By mr angry manchester
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Yeah - especially if they win by doing a couple of big sexy lezza dance routines. Maybe to the Scissor Sisters.

The steam emanating from Gammonia would be overwhelming.

Trouble is, she's an actual lesbian, not a "one of the ones in my mate Rob's videos" lesbian
By Bones McCoy
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It might be one of those spin-off programmes, but this is heartening.

Alesha Dixon 'prepared to quit Britain's Got Talent if ITV apologises for Diversity's performance' ... mance.html
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Andy McDandy wrote:
Sun Nov 15, 2020 5:49 pm
Damn good routine. I'd not be surprised if they win.

And yeah, she is HAAAAAWWT in that suit.
You called that one.

Bill had been brought on to the show as the "comedy" dancer this year- Craig Revel Horwood said as much. I like Bill Bailey and am delighted for him.
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