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We have a (useless) Prime Monster toadying up to murderous despots with an appalling Human Rights record. The White House contains a fucking maniac with dodgy Russian-agent sidekicks, having a go at wannabe nuke-armed North Korea. Assad is chem-bombing his own people, again. Yet more reasons why Brexit is going to be shit keep emerging.

What does the BBC "news" channel think is of real importance right now? A bloke in a dress talking bollocks about his invisible friend who isn't there. The entire service. Live. The left-wing Britain-hating anti-Christ BBC will, at the drop of a hat, broadcast live coverage of any religious service they can get their cameras into.

It's supposed to be a fucking news channel. Show some fucking news.

aaand breathe
Fucking pointless "Balanced" studio discussions.

Yesterday provided an example of it in technicolour fail.
Radio 5 live some time in the early evening.
Subject David Moyes and the infamous "slap" comment.

5 minutes of a lady from a domestic violence charity and another lady who is a Sunderland season ticket holder.
Can you guess which one filled her 150 seconds with permutations of "It was just banter and he's said sorry so it doesn't matter".

Utterly fucking pointless airtime filler which progressed the story not one iota.

This shit happens with almost every story, and if it's a political story the odds are a good 50% of a UKIPper being on one of the lines.
They're available (fuck all else to do), and being angry, ignorant and unashamed of lying they give "great radio".

Programming like this has helped them project their message well beyond anything the size of their vote or membership justifies.
Turned on the BBC News this morning, two earnest young people on the sofa:

Hack #1: 'Breaking news, North Korea has detonated a hydrogen bomb, Japan has said the tremors suggest it is six times more powerful than an earlier test'.

Hack #2: 'And now... the Travel Show'.

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