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Malcolm Armsteen wrote:Go and pull the mangled remains of a mother out of a car.
Pull the body of a dead child out of a fire-ruined flat.
Stand with your mates in searing heat to try to save the property of the people who slag you off.


Easy money.
I'm sure Mister Gumball,l who made the original comment, has 100% productivity in keeping his H.R Spreadsheets up to date.
Andy McDandy wrote:I think it was Terry Pratchett who played with the idea (based on historical fact) of fire fighters paid by number of fires put out. They became protection rackets.
Indeed that's pretty much how they started in Roman times through to Medieval times - private sector doing public stuff.
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Maths fail, from
24. Posted by mikel on
2 hours ago
To say 100 dB is twice as loud as 90 dB is rubbish. Ten identical machines surrounding you will produce 10 dB more noise than a single machine at the same distance. Quite clearly, ten machines running at once are not twice as loud as a single machine. (This is as wrong as saying 20 degrees Celsius is twice as hot as 10 degrees Celsius.)
Each additional machine adds 3dB as it's a non-coherent source, plank. 10dB is a tenfold increase.

The highest-rated comment so far summarises my thoughts exactly:
3. Posted by Figuratively Satan on
2 hours ago
"24. mikel

To say 100 dB is twice as loud as 90 dB is rubbish."

It's rubbish if you don't understand logarithmic scales and/or are a moron.
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This could just as easily gone in the "C**t of the Day" thread, but... how dare disabled people have an ordinary new car! Give 'em a blue fibreglass Spazzmobile like we used to so we know who they are!
7. Posted by TheProphetEnoch on 53 minutes ago

Well I hope part of this is the reduction on the utter fraud and theft scheme aka 'Motobility'.

This is the one where you pretend to be too ill/disabled to walk and get a brand new car every 3 years, servicing, repairs, tyres, tax, the lot....

All paid for by the taxpayers. It is the greatest con this country ever engaged in with welfare payments and needs replacing with Robin Reliants.
Not only is this cunt so thick he can't even get the name of the three-wheeler right, but a trip to Tamworth might show him that there's a housing estate where Reliant's factory once stood...
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The worst bit is that fuckwit thinks you get a 'free' car.

You DON'T. You lose benefits to offset it all. Fuck me, it's Aktion T4 all over again, isn't it? ... llowances/
The Motability Scheme helps disabled people get mobile by exchanging their mobility allowance to lease a car, scooter or powered wheelchair. To be eligible to join the Scheme, you need to receive one of the following mobility allowances.
As I've said before - when's that human mass extinction event coming? Soon, I hope. Give the planet a fucking factory reset.
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The BTL comments on Wetherspoons pulling out of social media.

Pretty much as you'd expect from highest and lowest rated comments.

I'd rather go thirsty (in the correct sense of the word) than drink in a Wetherspoons.
Of course it has. It was going to the minute they started bringing the Dambusters into it. Like the fact a raid launched 75+ years ago during World War 2 was a good reason to keep an airfield open anyway.
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