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By shyamz
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re. Limmy (I'm a bit late wit this I know) but I could always take him or leave him but generally found him okay until he made a Youtube video about the fire at the Glasgow School Of Art. He was speaking from the supposed point of view of an art critic or art lover who was upset about it, making the point as he saw it that people were far too cut up about the damage that was done to a poncey uni where kids were wasting their time doing art, and that other fires happened in Glasgow and people have lost their homes to fires but no one cares.

Missing the point frankly - that the main reason people were upset about it was that it is a grade A listed building. One which was not only designed by a world famous designer, artist and architect, but one that attracted a great number of tourist visits. I've seen other news reports in the past talking about fires, floods or burglaries that have caused damage to listed or famous buildings and these didn't seem to generate as much 'oh get over it' comments as the GSA fire did. The only reason seems to be that students were affected, and art students at that.

Yes other people have lost their homes to fires in Glasgow, but so have people all over the UK. No one is saying that isn't sad, but the idea that people shouldn't feel sad -or even that to be sad about the damage done to that building is wrong- just because of the whole people do art there thing is ridiculous, and shows that there is still a big problem with the attitude some people have towards art and those who study it or are interested in it - it is poncey, irrelevant or for the privileged people who don't understand real life or have any real problems. Those students were apparently upset over nothing, and anyone showing any sadness about the damage had their priorities all wrong.

It shouldn't have been seen as wrong to be sad about the damage done to the building, but some people (like Limmy) seem to think it was, or have some sort of working class chip on their shoulder about the whole thing, and again mostly it appears because of the art and student connection.
By Andy McDandy
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Odd thing, that. Perhaps it's part of the wider retreat from reason we've discussed over the years, but media coverage of 'art' tends towards two poles, when it comes to presenting it to the proles:

1. It's poncey, overpriced, pretentious and not for you.

2. Call that art? My five year old granddaughter could do better...

Of course, there is 'acceptable' art - Turner, Constable, anything nice and big and solid where you can see what it's supposed to be. It puts me in mind of when I saw Gormley's 'Field for England', and a bunch of teenagers ahead of me asked a guide what it meant:

"What do you think or feel when you look at it?"

"I'm a bit creeped out. But is that right? What am I supposed to feel?". And so on it went.

A desire to be spoon fed the answer, concern over fitting in, difficulty getting around the idea that there is room for individual interpretation?
By MisterMuncher
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Cunk and Shitpeas have me in stitches initially, then mild horror as some of the more mildly idiotic statements echo things I've heard in real life. I wouldn't be shocked if there was some internet forum trawling in their make-up.

But yes, indeed. Ms Morgan. RRRRRrrrrrrrOWFFFFFf!
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