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By Zuriblue
unfortunately this is the most likely outcome ... tion-time/
By Samanfur
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Having seen them both at conference, I don't doubt that Lavery and Hazarika (the latter's credentials as an author and former political adviser've been overlooked) will be going for Rees-Mogg and Liddle with both feet. But I'm not watching it:

By The Red Arrow
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The Demos person is a former advisor to Nick 'whatever happened to him?' Clegg. But yes, I would rather paint black stripes on my lilywhite arse and moon a starving lioness than tune in. Indeed, not watching has become part of a thursday night ritual.
By Bones McCoy
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I wouldn't mind watching a panel of 4 or 5 informed people answering questions.

It's the playing to the gallery of baying gammons that puts me off.
Last 3 times I've listened I'm sure they've done just 2 main questions and the "quirky one" at the end, with gammons being used as cheap padding.
It's also been the same opening question each time "Blah blah blah blah Europe/Brexit?".
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