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By Daley Mayle
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I think I might start watching Question Time again, Fiona Bruce is looking like a great choice...

James Cleverly MP, (Tory) was asked should Mrs May's Deal be voted down what his Plan B on Brexit would be

JC: Firstly, I want to pull up Emily Thornberry [she was another panelist, and a Labour MP]
FB: No, we’ve heard lots from Emily, I want to hear … what do you think the Plan B should be?
JC: I think what should happen is MPs who think that there is some miraculous best choice, some unicorn option that Emily put forward, the idea that Jeremy Corbyn …
FB: No, no, we’re not going on about that now. What is your Plan B?
JC: The idea that they can magic up some alternative plan is not an option
FB: You haven’t got a Plan B
JC: Delaying to have a second referendum is not an option
FB: What’s your plan? I just asked you, what is your plan … you said I’m going to tell you what your plan is … have I missed it?
JC: Our plan is to deliver the agreement that has been negotiated with 27 ...

[Interrupted by another panelist]

Jo Swinson: Do you expect the Government to win next Tuesday’s vote?
JC: I suspect we might not
Emily Thornberry {another panelist]: Then what? You’re supposed to be the Government. Then what?”

Answer came there none.
By Samanfur
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I'm wondering how long it'll be before someone behind the scenes has a quiet word with her about toning it down a bit. :(

She was taking absolutely no prisoners on Thursday, and I could easily see a producer somewhere telling her to back off, because she's not in an interviewing job, and I wonder if QT's regarded as panto as much as PMQs is.
By Kreuzberger
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We opted for a nice dinner instead. A variation on Malc's legendary porc à la Normande.

Seems though that the beeb got an East Midlands BOGOF, what with their very own gammonfest from Mansfield yesterday on WATO and their determination to present these cretinous, intergenerational scabs as being somehow representative of majority opinion.
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By satnav
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The Mail ran a story about the audience applauding the idea of a no deal Brexit and used this picture of the audience.


I really don't think that audience truly reflects a city like Derby which has a diverse ethic mix. Most Question Time audiences feature lots of couples yet this one has seems to contain a large proportion of angry middle aged men.
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