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By Tubby Isaacs
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Ha, ha. Anna Soubry reduced to saying the opposition are making "political capital".

ie they're doing well on the issue.

Now Soubry's said Werritty is a "private individual".

He should have put that on his business card then.

Abernathy, I know, I lived in the Central region when she was on TV with Oscar the Newshound and other luminaries.
By Tubby Isaacs
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Some venture capitalist ex-mate of Liam Fox on about reducing employment legislation because "the unemployed have rights". And "the state is 50% of the economy"- that's because it's a recession, isn't it?

Now he's had a go at "it's immoral what we're doing, borrowing money". Guess who's going to be made to pay?

Actually he redeemed himself by attacking Fox at the end.
By Abernathy
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Mark Serwotka just gave an impassioned, principled, angry and effective account of himself against a slimey Francis Maude, whom I'm rapidly forming an impression of as one of the most despicable, scheming, and hateful of Cameron's cronies.

Nice one, Serwotka.
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