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By youngian
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Is the Daily Mail being bullied as part of a sinister new threat to press freedom? Newsnight asks. I kid you not a successful campaign to lobby some firm called Paperchase to withdraw their advertising from the Mail prompts Times deputy editor Sarah Baxter to speak out in against Twitter social media mob harassing advertisers. The Mail blamed 'hard left Corbynists.' At 25 mins. To help bully the Express and Mail go to" onclick=";return false; ... t-20112017" onclick=";return false;
By youngian
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Baxter did sound genuinely rattled rather than just being the contrarian pundit. I like this sample letter from SFH
Dear Lego

I love Lego. My 6 year old son loves Lego…All he wants for Christmas is Lego. But I’m concerned. For a few years now you have done free giveaways in the Daily Mail newspaper. I’ve paid for a copy to get the free Lego pack.

But I’m afraid to say I can no longer do it. Lately their headlines have gone beyond offering a right wing opinion. Headlines that do nothing but create distrust of foreigners, blame immigrants for everything, and as of yesterday, are now having a go at top judges in the U.K. for being gay while making a legal judgment.

Lego, to me, has always been an inclusive product. Breaking barriers between gender, building children’s imagination and confidence to do their own thing. As crap as I feel telling my son he can’t have the free Lego kit that he sees on the front of the paper in the store, I have explained to him that the paper it is attached to is the sort of paper that tells lies about people, like some of his friends from school. Even my six year old understands that what they print is wrong.

I’m sure I’m not the only person with this opinion. And I’m sure many people would like to know if you intend to keep supporting this publication in the future.

By The Red Arrow
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Press statement: Stop Funding Hate condemns Daily Mail attacks on supporters ... l-attacks/" onclick=";return false;

And talking of Newsnight...
BBC Newsnight‏Verified account @BBCNewsnight

We made a mistake in our piece last night. We wrongly used a clip of Jeremy Corbyn responding to this year’s Spring Budget. Here’s the clip from yesterday that should have appeared:
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By Silkyman
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The curious case of the May supporting Reverend.

This lady has been on Newsnight a couple of times in recent weeks introduced only as ‘Rev Lynn’. No last name, no further information, and given a platform to tell the nation, from a position of trust in a full vicar uniform, that Theresa May is fucking ace and we should all back her deal.

Who is she?

Well. She isn’t really a reverend. He has been ordained online as part of the ‘Seeds For Wealth’ ministry.

She is also an actress called Marina Hayter with several minor and extra roles under her belt.
By Kreuzberger
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This one has real potential to blow up if there is the merest sniff of her being in any way related to anyone on the production team or, especially, if she was paid.

Those fake callers of ten years ago saw them rattled with a 400,000GBP Ofcom fine.
By Kreuzberger
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A link would have been helpful. I value your comments, as I think most do, but trawlinking is sometimes difficult.

Anyway. When Biffers are running the floor on Question Time and senior broadcasters within the entire BBC politics framework are aping Arron Banks in calling frontline journalists, "Crazy cat lady", there is a case to answer.

When the entire upper echelon of BBC management is populated with placemen, there is a case to answer.

When an untrailed programme (one which is not seeking ratings) hires its acting roster to pretend to be vicars, there's a case to answer.

And tonight, For Britain is blabbing forth on QT. There is a case to answer.
By The Weeping Angel
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When an untrailed programme (one which is not seeking ratings) hires its acting roster to pretend to be vicars, there's a case to answer.
Except they didn't see above statement.
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