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By Abernathy
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Sorry I couldn't find the original thread, but I just wanted to say that HIGNFY made a stunning return to form tonight. Possibly something to do with Jo Brand, Vic Coren, and Graham Linehan and some brilliant Fox/Werrity material to rip the Pish out of, but great stuff.
By Malcolm Armsteen
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1 - Shitslop is a cynic. I despise cynics, they are corrosive to the state and the nation's morale. Even governments I disapprove of have to govern, and the generalised cynicism that Shitslop encourages hinders that. His attitude that governments are always lying, that politicians are always venal means that when they do try something worthwhile it gets shafted. This attitude has spread - one of the reasons so many people do not engage with democratic processes.
2 - MMR - Shitslop was probably the worst supporter of the MMR panic, Private Eye even published a book supporting Wakefield, largely on the grounds that Shitslop so despised Tony Blair that he automatically assumed that the opposite of any government statement was true. People died because of that, and although called upon many times to apologise for his part, he refuses to do so.
3 - He tells lies.
4 - He's a journalist.
5 - He's lazy (see 4)
By Abernathy
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Ah- you should have said so - no idea I was part of the commentariat.

Anyhoo - Hislop was increasingly a sneering, smart-arse, glib little tosser who had become incrementally unfunny and who blithely parroted unthinking and unintelligent DM type lines, especially when Brown was PM. Speaking for myself, I wanted repeatedly to punch his smug little boat race until I collapsed with exhaustion.

Perhaps we really do need a Tory government before satire can really start to do its job properly.

Oh yeah - and what Armsteen said, too.
By bluebellnutter
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My problem with Hislop is he tries too hard. Two things here...

1. He's clearly an intelligent and informed man but resorts to tabloid cliches too often.
2. He always plays to the audience (turns and waits for a laugh) when he thinks he's done something well.
By Abernathy
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IanC wrote:
bluebellnutter wrote: 1. He's clearly an intelligent and informed man but resorts to tabloid cliches too often.
For example "unelected prime minister"

By oboogie
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In his jobs Hislop needs to avoid the accusation of partiality. Throughout the Nineties he attacked the Tories viciously both in Private Eye and on HIGNFY, during the New Labour years he had a duty to attack them just as much. That's his job. It's also always better to attack the government than the opposition as they are in power to actually carry out their plans.
Yes I prefer it when he attacks the Tories because that fits with my prejudice but it would have looked very odd it he hadn't laid into Brown, Blair et al.
As for playing to the gallery, a comic?, on TV? Bless my soul whatever next? Paul Merton would never do such a thing three or four times in every show would he?
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