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By Andy McDandy
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Bit of crying wolf on both sides.

Labour members have accused her (with or without evidence, and sometimes with personal remarks - see Fenton's tame troll) so many times that she can say, with some justification, that that's what to expect from rabid loons.

On the other hand, her 'mistakes' do have a pattern of falling a certain way, and she seems to be using former unjustified claims as some sort of double jeopardy law.
By Kreuzberger
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I would suggest that the often blatantly misogynistic criticism of Kuenssberg (largely on Twitter) does not help and often allows her to deflect. She is also drawing some of the fire that could be aimed at Pienaar, Robinson, Kearney and the whole shabby shitshow of shysters and shills with a politics brief.

The only one that seems to me consistently play with a straight bat, and I don't listen to 100% of is output, is Chris Mason, largely because he appears to not give two hoots.
By The Weeping Angel
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Kreuzberger wrote:
Thu Dec 12, 2019 8:04 am
You may not agree with the political viewpoint of those doing the citing. But, if their points are reasoned and evidenced, they should be listened to and the appropriate action taken.

That is how truth and fairness work.
If their points are reasoned and evidenced and since and whilst this tweet is a parody it's actually pretty near the mark in how reasoned and evidenced a lot of these complaints are.

By Safe_Timber_Man
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No, not really.

She parroted an outright lie about a Tory aid being punched in the face by a Labour activist just a few days ago and then potentially broke the law today or at least came way too close. Both cases favoured of the Tory party.

I don't buy into the shit she's received from some quarters for a while now but people have a right to be calling for her sacking now. She's been having an absolute fucking mare recently and her, possibly entirely accidental, mistakes always seem to be helpful to one side.
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By Safe_Timber_Man
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What she did was inappropriate, to say the least. That along with other fuck ups she's made add up to gross incompetence at least. Complicity at worst.

Just because a mob of Corbynites pile in on her with unwarranted abuse that doesn't discredit all the valid criticisms of her recent performance.

She's not some Tory plant or on their payroll but she's being fucking reckless and, as said, her recklessness appears to always help the Tory party rather than any of the other parties.
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By Kreuzberger
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The Weeping Angel wrote:
Thu Dec 12, 2019 1:31 pm
Oh look someone who actually knows what their talking about.


Isn't it amazing how when someone looks beyond the heat and light they find the truth.
Someone who used to be a political press officer knocking out a tweet is settling nothing. When the Electoral Commission whose job it is to look beyond the heat and light feel compelled to weigh in, we should all be concerned.

And, as far as Twitter's Dave is concerned, (yes, that Dave who finds plenty of time to retweet The Telegraph), he is exaggerating to make a point that falls to bits when it comes in contact with any kind of scrutiny. To put it another way, if there is any widespread, mindless witch-hunting of LK by any serious commentators, it has magically passed me by.
By Tubby Isaacs
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I found that thread fairly convincing. I remembered dimly something from 2015 about Labour having a nightmare with postal votes. It was Labour Uncut (linked to below that thread)- I'd thought it was Dan Hodges. Even though that's quite a prominent site, I don't recall much in the way of certainty that they'd broken the law or any movement to refer them to the police afterwards. And I can't see the Electoral Commission are even pronouncing on Kuensberg. They retweeted an old thread from a week ago, which you might expect anyway.

But I don't think journalists should reveal this stuff before polls close.
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By Samanfur
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There's a Tory MP (Dr. Kieran Fallon for Crewe and Nantwich) on Sunday Politics North West at the moment, talking about Universal Credit.

He's justifying it by comparing it to how "ordinary people" get paid. Repeatedly.

The interviewer isn't reacting at all.



By Bones McCoy
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I've noticed the shysters have found a new method to peddle their bullshit past even a marginally inquisitive journalist.
I've noticed the "play" used 3 times this week - beginning with the claim (which is vague or untrue).

Guest: So we examined the data and found seventeen correspondences.

Interviewer: Let me stop you there for a minute, can you explain what you mean by a correspondence.

Guest: Yes sorry, we did analysis on data and found correspondences that (Proved we are grate / Labour are crap)...

It's shampoo ads again.
Make an unverifiable claim but wrap it in the thinnest tissue of pseudoscience.
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