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By Bones McCoy
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lord_kobel wrote:
Mon Feb 24, 2020 10:48 pm
Here's the link I got last week about being on the show: ... g/viewform
We could fucking flood that.
Then go on being all reasonable and not at all gammony.

Some of my best fiends are brown - you've probably heard that a lot, but I'm telling the truth.
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BBC to focus more on Brexit-voting towns in overhaul of local news

Behind a paywall sorry but the text is (weirdly) on a youtube video here.

BBC4 basically getting shelved to become a subscription channel showing repeats to people outside the UK. Looks like the BBC will be a white van man "go to" for news (not much different to now, I suppose), and probably wall-to-wall shows of watching celebrities cooking stuff, the viewing public laps up that kind of shite, interspersed with EastEnders. I bet I'm not not too far off the mark, of things to come, reading between the lines.
By The Red Arrow
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And it'll remain so if this one gets the DG gig...
Anyone seeing a standard career path here?

Phone hacking: BBC director general candidate accused of destroying evidence
By Clive Coleman Legal correspondent, BBC News

Edit: More here... ... three.html
By Kreuzberger
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Kreuzberger's tales or yore, Part 8932.

W2.0 worked with Margoyles on Days that Shook the World. She was walking around in a daze for months after, such was the sheer, breathtaking impact of the woman.

Edit: kbd is on its last legs and it's a bank holiday today.
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