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By bluebellnutter
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BBC's Iain Lee 'broke rules' by attacking guest's anti-gay views ... -gay-views" onclick=";return false;

A result of the declining standards, the BBC now afraid of offending homophobic bigots
By Cyclist
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I didn't know stating the bleedin' obvious was in the BBC charter.

Roadworks cause tailbacks, apparently
Pothole repairs cause M1 Leicestershire tailbacks ... e-47467751
This is a news item, not in traffic and travel.
By Oblomov
I get plenty of fluff pieces from BBC3 and Newsbeat on my home page. Now I can understand if that is intended for a yoof audience but as far as I'm aware I've not set my age on the website which worries me that this is the default news dissemination...
By Oblomov
It didn't used to be like that but then one day it hit me that the article headlines and subject matter was like Buzzfeed (though without the crutch of listicles)
By Bones McCoy
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cycloon wrote:
Mon Mar 18, 2019 1:29 pm
The default BBC homepage - not the News homepage, but the default - has a bit of serious stuff, and then a fair amount of absolute irrelevance aimed at whoever. It's really not much cop.
Yes, It's difficult to tell if you're at the Beeb or some clickbait site.
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By The Weeping Angel
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bluebellnutter wrote:
Fri Mar 22, 2019 10:17 am

Read the thread. It's truly extraordinary.
I was with him up until he praised Novara Media, the idea that Bastani and his band of hipster grifters are interesting journalists is beyond me.
By Oblomov

Am currently leafing through this and pondering, firstly if it's real and secondly why print it regardless of authenticity? I expect this kind of shrill inter-generational battle report that's skewed towards the hard-working mum's side to be in the Mail On Sunday and I'm rather churlish that some part of my licence fee has gone towards writing this garbage.
By Cyclist
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There was, apparently some sort of terrorist incident on London Bridge this week. We have the BBC "news" channel on all day every day at work. Not a whisper. Loads of Boris, Manfrog, Corbyn, Swinson and Sturgeon, but I don't recall seeing a single thing about London Bridge. Normally they'd have wall-to-wall BREAKING NEWS on the day of the incident and use it as their top story for the rest of the week. Nothing. Nada.

I found out by reading a post on Mailwatch and googling the story.

The BBC have lost the right to call themselves a serious news organisation.
By Kreuzberger
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That's just downright weird.

Because of my visceral hatred of The Archers, I move back over to BBC World Service radio at 15:00 CET and Newshour. That story was coming through from about 15:20, the event having been witnessed by a BBC reporter and within 15 minutes of it all kicking off.
By Zuriblue
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The Red Arrow wrote:
Mon Dec 02, 2019 8:18 am
Sausages? :wink:
If they were I would fear the Wurst.
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