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By Andy McDandy
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The weekend after the election I'm off to Lancaster for a university reunion, with a similar aim to that of Boiler.

Lancaster - heady memories of 1997, great in that dawn it was to be alive and so on. Charles Kennedy imploring us to vote - didn't matter for who, just get out there and vote. Hilton Dawson looking simultaneously confident of a thumping win and terrified of meeting actual voters. The Tories nowhere to be seen. But there was a feeling in the air of change - here was a new government that crucially got it, that had spent the years since the last election saturating the media, establishing themselves as a government in waiting, pointing out the gulf between their promises and the Tory litany of failure, complacency and playing only to their base. The 20th century was ending, a technological revolution was coming, and it was our time.

Going all Hunter S Thompson for a minute, but somewhere around 2001, you can see where the wave crested and rolled back.
By Cyclist
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Excellent reporting here.
Car crashes into Bishop's Stortford flats leading to evacuation ... s-51441769
Readers would be forgiven for thinking the car ignored the driver and decided to do its' own thing. The only mention of human involvement is:
...A man was treated at the scene before being taken to hospital for further assessment...
which doesn't make clear whether the man was the driver of the car, a passenger, or an occupant of the damaged property.

No, BBC. Cars don't just crash into things, they are* driven* into things, often as a result of human error or sheer bloody stupidity.
By MisterMuncher
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Indeed. I think I read a study/paper/analysis somewhere in a Carlton Reid piece about road users and general terminology that noted a more substantive emotional impact on drivers when an RTC was reported with "a car driver collided..." Vs "a car collided". Thing is, the latter is almost universal in the press and other reportage. The same unconscious bias that makes it so hard to get dangerous driving convictions is at work again.

Not necessarily defending the BBC or anything, but unless someone is engaged in deliberate attack with a vehicle, this is how it tends to get reported.
By Boiler
I believe it was the old yellow-covered Highway Code that bore the inscription "Very few accidents are truly accidental."

Take tonight; drove down to have fish and chips after work with my mate. As I went through Mill HIll southbound, I noticed a layby where some vehicle recovery was going on; the cars were noticeably bent. Directly opposite on the northbound side of the road there was police activity and a parked fire engine plus an ambulance; because (I assume) some rubber-necker drove into the back of the car in front. Result? Two closed lanes.
By Andy McDandy
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Boiler wrote:
Thu Dec 05, 2019 9:06 pm
Well, the Saturday after this shitshow is over and Johnson is giving us a thumbs-up from the doorstep of No. 10 whilst Corbyn and Momentum stamp their petulant fucking feet and scweam like Violet Elizabeth Bott saying it's everybody's fault but ours, I shall travel by steam train to York, meet my mate and attempt to drink The Tap on York station dry.

And right now I shall enjoy the sound of the wind howling in the trees and the chimneys whilst typing this and enjoying the heat of my electric fire.
Any idea who's going to win the Grand National this year, Boiler?
By Cyclist
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North York Moors waterfall tombstoning rescue takes four hours

Article (emphasis mine)
Emergency crews took almost four hours to rescue a man injured after tombstoning from a waterfall in the North York Moors.

The man suffered spinal injuries falling from Thomason Foss waterfall, near Goathland, on Sunday, according to the county's fire service...

...The crew from Goathland were flagged down to assist a male who had sustained suspected spinal injuries having fallen from the top of a waterfall into a shallow pool," a spokesperson said... ... e-52875257

Which is it? Was the man "tombstoning", ie deliberately jumping into the water from a high place? Or did he "fall", implying he accidentally missed his footing and entered the water from a high place?

The headline and first line of the story imply the injuries were the result of the injured party's stupidity, the rest of the article implies the poor man is an innocent victim of circumstance.

Has "Daily Mail Reporter" switched jobs, and now working for the BBC?
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