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I usually try to avoid this, due to it always seemingly having Melanie Phillips on, but just caught the start of it, unavoidably.

Topic: a study by some bunch o'boffins has shown that most people overestimate their own moral virtue. Are we/you better than other people?

The panel: Melanie Phillips, Michael Portillo, a lady whose name I didn't catch, and Clare Fox from the Institute of Ideas.

So, you know, a really heavyweight academic exercise. I think not. And lo! Immediately the topic is set to 'the left is really bad at this, virtue signalling' etc etc. The unknown lady quoted Brecht, who I don't exactly hold had much virtue if we follow the logic of his communist sympathies, but at the least she introduced a wider sense of reflection to the panel. It struck me, before I turned it off, that there was something immediately and sadly ironic that as soon as the issue of morality/sense of virtue appears, someone politicises it and says 'the other side are bad', immediately after saying 'no, I don't think I am better than anyone else.' Point out pomposity, fine, but let's not pretend this is solely down political axes. Interesting topic ruined in favour of zeitgeist politicking. Great.

Sorry, just wanted to vent and couldn't find a thread.

EDIT: Mea culpa. I just listened some more and it was actually talking about the issue, not Mel's pet hates. Sorry. She just drives me mad.
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