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By Boiler
Where leaving the EU trumps sensible workplace rules - or is this taking back control?
Posted by Finkelstein

EU embalming fluid ban 'to change funerals'

Mother of God we cant even mourn our dead because the EU won't let us embalm them. What a disgrace.
47. Posted by Ninj on
11 minutes ago
Interesting that some people's rabid anti EU feelings totally ignore the reason behind the directive. Formalin is a nasty chemical that causes many health problems. I know because I spent many years using it.
By Boiler
I've just tried to report a post on a HYS - and all I get is a message telling me my reporting of it has failed. Have tried it with two browsers to no avail.

Anybody else had this?
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Jeremy "Fucking off" Corbyn.

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