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By bluebellnutter
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Well it was last year when my cousin was at school...
By Fozzy
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The commentators are all assuming that the conviction means that you can't physically eject a disruptive child from the classroom, which is nonsense. All teachers are entitled to do this if the child won't go willingly, but somewhat obviously the point is that they should not do it in a way which leaves them gagging and with red strangulation marks round the child's neck. This teacher probably had training in appropriate restraint techniques, and if he didn't, he should have got someone who did have the required training in to deal with the kid.
By Malcolm Armsteen
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The 'power' to remove a child is not designed for this situation, it is aimed at removing a child in order to reduce physical danger to itself or another person. In the case of disruption the teacher should have called for support, (sod the joke, nobody ever died of hearing offensive language) had the kid taken away, and then punished to within an inch according to school policy.
Kids are entitled to the same respect as adults: you don't put them in a choke hold unless you really have to. But if you have to, do it. That's what the law says, and I don't see that it has been changed.
By LuciusAR
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Here's a cracking piece of racist crap. All under guise of having a poke at the 'PC Brigade' who are now operating the U.S!

No evidence of this being a hate crime at all, just rabid speculation, scaremongering and wishful thinking on behalf of white supremacists and tabloid hacks elsewhere.

‘There is absolutely no proof of a hate crime,’ said John Gill, special counsel to Knox County District Attorney Randy Nichols.

‘It was a terrible crime, a horrendous crime, but race was not a motive. We know from our investigation that the people charged in this case were friends with white people, socialised with white people, dated white people.

'So not only is there no evidence of any racial animus, there’s evidence to the contrary,’ he added.

But the real example of stupidity come from the Mails decision to re-print the following propaganda leaflet:


If we choose to visit you will be redirected to which has the delightful sub heading of:

Vanguard News Network
No Jews. Just Right.


Nice to know the Mail is now acting as a mouthpiece for anti Semites. How much effort would it have been to check out a domains content before printing the URL? I love the smell of Fail in the morning.
By bluebellnutter
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LuciusAR wrote:Nice to know the Mail is now acting as a mouthpiece for anti Semites.

Surely this is just retro 1930s nostalgia gawn mad?
By tc-obo
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Vanguard also has close links (or so I believe) with well-known internet racists Stormfront.
By jonnyhead
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tc-obo wrote:Vanguard also has close links (or so I believe) with well-known internet racists Stormfront.

Vanguard is straight-up white supremacist stuff, I don't know what the crossover is but it's as extremist as Stormfront. It's run by this guy:

Linder echoes numerous Nazi sentiments, among them that "the thing to be done about [the Jews] is to kill them, exterminate them, get rid of them. You don't argue or reason with a cockroach; you step on it."
By Mr Mordon
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Some of the comments on that story begger belief:
Foul ugly scum.. should all have been drowned at birth. If that was here in the uk they would have been let off with a caution probably.
- LJ, London, 16/10/2009 12:56

OH I SEE, so we should kill babies out of fear of what they may get up to in future should we?

Hope you get on well with Hitler and King Herod, LJ, you utter cunt
By Migrant Worker
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PC Brigade's threat to your fire service: Harman's 'equality' drive will hit middle-class areas

Plenty of the usual personal attacks on Harriet Harman in the comments.

The Bill, described as 'socialism in one clause', has already created controversy by forcing local authorities to tackle 'socio-economic disadvantage' when making decisions on 'spending and service delivery'.

How outrageous that public services might be directed towards people who need them more!

But ministers have admitted it also means fire chiefs will also have to prioritise the poor when drawing up plans.

The theory is poorer areas need better cover because they tend to suffer from a greater number of fires owing to the worse state of their homes and a lack of smoke alarms.

Fire authorities are funded by a levy on council tax - and middle-income homes already pay more for their fire cover through having higher council tax bills.

Surely the only logical answer is for hard-working middle-class families to retreat into gated communities with their own private security and fire services so they don't have to share the same ones as the nasty poor people?!
By Mr Mordon
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How many maily phrases can you fit in one headline! Classic
By Tom_UK
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Mr Mordon wrote:How many maily phrases can you fit in one headline! Classic

If only they'd called her "Harperson" in the headline as well I think I would have passed out in a puddle of my own piss... :lol:
By Pugwash
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They should have said Fire Brigade, Fire Service sounds just too PC, bit like Police Force versus Police Service.
By davidjay
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Would they be so anti- if the police said they were targeting their resources in well-off areas because that's where burglars operate? Of course not, that would be sensible.
By Outroar
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#95916 ... olice.html

Complete non-story about a man not getting arrested for putting up a sign in his window.

The most sensible comment...

Simple mix up blown out of all proportion by the DM.

When I saw the picture my first thought was that it was a message to get immigrants or non-whites out of the country.

As the police say as soon as the real meaning was explained the complaint was dropped.

End of story.

- AM, UK, 1/5/2010 13:19

... is currently 748 in the red.

Apparently this is the correct way to react to the story (1707 in the green)...

Even the coppers have no national pride any more, how can British colours be deemed as racist. We need to get these coppers educated and we most certainly need to get all three parties sent to Afghanistan, where they can sort the problem out themselves to free up our soldiers who have done enough of their dirty work for them. In their absence we can endure a happier environment with patriotic leaders who can expel all anti British traitors such as the coppers, human rights bigots and all the other useless do gooders we will never need. It seems that all politicians, coppers, the judicial system including all barristers and judges are against any thing British. Then why are our troops out there being murdered for who and for what, if the heirarchy are against us and they are then what is going on. Insanity madness yes indeed.....................Indigenous is a very bad word in Britain, one has to be an immigrant to get the justices of our society for free. Say It Isn't So>>>>>>>>>>>>

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