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By Malcolm Armsteen
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Latest pic of Balthazar...
By ezinra
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To his credit, Balthazar knows how many pounds there are in a stone.

Well, roughly.

All other evidence favours the illustration.
By ezinra
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Jordin Sparkles! American Idol shows off slender silhouette as she continues to shrink

One year off that diet and she will bloat up again. It might be next year, or the year after, or 5 or 10 years from now, but she will return to her first love: food. Right now it is marketing and thin is in. Once she has her money she will pork out again.

- jj1960jj, San Francisco, USA, 22/11/2011 17:01 Rating 133
Glad to see she got healthy. She was far too overweight for her age. I just wish she would renounce the comments she made before she lost the weight, statements in which she glorified being fat and claimed to be healthy and happy. She should acknowledge that she was spreading a toxic message and apologize. The fat acceptance movement is responsible for so much tragedy, death and disease.

- Kate, Washington DC, USA, 22/11/2011 19:49 Rating 37
By Arnold
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Curvier Martine McCutcheon urged to pile on MORE pounds as the weightloss deals roll in ... z1efD8izYF
For all you English women on here saying she is a "Real Woman" No she is not. She is FAT!!!!

- Stephen, London, 24/11/2011 19:00
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um, yuk. sorry but she really needs to loose a few pounds

- sal, not here, 24/11/2011 13:27
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She looks dreadful being that overweight.

- Sandy Brown, Putney, SW London, 24/11/2011 17:18
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By Tom_UK
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Bloody hell!

Was that the best dress to wear for a big birthday meal? Imogen Thomas dons unforgiving skintight outfit as she turns 29 ... party.html

All the usual clichés are present:

"Many people would opt for a loose outfit if they knew they were going out for a big dinner with friends to celebrate their birthday.

But Imogen Thomas opted to put style above comfort as she turned 29 earlier this week, pouring her curves into an unforgiving skintight brown dress as she dined with friends at London's Roka restaurant.

And while Imogen was photographed blowing out the candles on her huge chocolate birthday cake, it seems she may not have indulged in any dessert, as she left the eatery looking as slender as when she arrived."

I don't really get it. They slag her off, imply that maybe she should have worn a tent, and then say she looks okay. Let's have a look.


:roll: :roll:
By Arnold
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I don't think the moderators take their job seriously sometimes.
My God, she's enormous!

- Frosty Jack, UK, 1/12/2011 8:28
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Thar she blows!

- Alfred, UK, 1/12/2011 9:37
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By ezinra
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it seems she may not have

You know you're reading quality, accurate, thoroughly sourced journalism when you read a phrase like that.
By shyamz
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I'm pretty sure a lot of those comments are just taking the piss now, either out of the mail's obsession with celebrity body sizes, or out of some of the people who comment on these photos. It's just too stupid to be anything else.

At least that's what I'm hoping.
By Timbo
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shyamz wrote:I'm pretty sure a lot of those comments are just taking the piss now, either out of the mail's obsession with celebrity body sizes, or out of some of the people who comment on these photos. It's just too stupid to be anything else.

At least that's what I'm hoping.

Of course they are. That woman is eating-disorder thin. Anybody who thinks that she is fat would not know anybody else less than 48 hours from death by malnutrition.
By ezinra
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Each time I think the Mail can't go any lower: (I'm not linking it directly. Don't want to encourage the bastards.)

It's the story of an obese woman who has — wait for it — dared to enter pole dancing competitions to raise money for charity. Our culture is now so fucked that a fat woman who wants to feel she is sexy is held up to ridicule and abuse from 300+ Mail commenters via a very sneery article (lifted from Closer) with pics (lifted from Facebook) and video.

Apparently there's something hilarious, and yet disgusting, about a fat woman pole dancing. So far, 341 comments and no mention of the word 'patriarchy'.
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By orangytangy
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Some of the comments make my heart sink. The day these people just grow the fuck up and get over their vain, smug feelings of superiority over others who don't fit their foul ideals of what beauty is, the better off we all will be.

I would be willing to bet money that these commenters who are so quick to make totally lame and entriely unfunny jokes (when were derogitary fat jokes actually ever funny anyway) wouldn't be able to come close to pulling off the moves she manages when pole dancing.
By davidjay
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Of course, if she raised money for Our Boys, she'd be a wonderful woman.
By shyamz
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I think that's part of the problem - when people who judge everyone else around them see their victims not behaving in the perscribed way that they think they surely must do (i.e a blonde been stupid, a youth been violent, a single mother not working), their brains can't handle it.

In this case, they see a "fat" woman who can dance well round a pole and who isn't a lumbering sweaty whale with no self- esteem as they like to think of them.
Examples of their wrongness make them bitter and embarrased, so they try to put them down anyway (they cannot have the objects of their mocking proving themselves to be intelligent, better people than themselves).
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