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Coupled Moment wrote:
Tubby Isaacs wrote:Don't know if you saw the "girl killed by tree because teachers went off on strike"?
Yes. It's not like this kind of thing is an aberration for the mail.

I'm just hoping no one gets hit by a bus on the way to the jobcentre, thus proving that the welfare state kills people.

Double whammy from Labour's axis of exil! Welfare state and public transport.

A quintiple-whammy; Hammeda was driving the bus.
By Fantod
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GET REAL everybody as a pharmacist with decades of experience I can tell you CANNBIS SATIVA and all related plants and products apart from cosmetics ARE VERY VERY VERY DANGEROUS it causes psychosis...

All? So: inert hemp sacks, paper, and rigging on old ships. Lick a rope and it's Bedlam for you.
Now the hemp fandango, certainly, can be considered dangerous. But that is one use that the Mail would cheer for.
Dirty hippy wrote:
They said he became ‘hyper,’ crouching down and apparently deliberately hyperventilating before suddenly standing to bring on a fainting fit.
Seconds later, the inquest heard, he staggered backwards and fell head-first down the stairwell.

Why was weed to blame again?

Shame, I thought they were talking about Dacre having just received said award.
Althea wrote:Well, I wouldn't say harmless. The drug itself might not cause harm (or any more harm than any other drug), but I think it's more the drug culture they want to crack down on.

But they never say that, though.

You grow it yourself, harvest it yourself and smoke it yourself - seems to me to be a perfect antidote to "drug culture". Even the all-night garage turns a healthy profit.
By Althea
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Kreuzberger wrote:You grow it yourself, harvest it yourself and smoke it yourself - seems to me to be a perfect antidote to "drug culture". Even the all-night garage turns a healthy profit.

I was thinking more about those who sell it on, but they'd be growing way more than 9 plants, wouldn't they?
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More hysteria and won't someone please think of the children bullshit, ignoring the fact that illegal drugs are easily obtainable everywhere despite decades of prohibition and are made more dangerous by having various contaminants added
Fuck it, I'm probably gonna buy a bag of weed tomorrow, smoke it and not get schizophrenia/psychosis/aids/radiation poisining/CANCER!!!!!!!!!
Arnold wrote:
Cannabis-smoking mother who stabbed two young sons to death thought the devil was chasing her, telling her to kill the children
She had a psychotic episode and, tragically killed her children. It's unpleasent but I think the Mail's tactic of highlighting her being a cannabis smoker in order to use the story to scare people and prop up the arguments of the anti-cannabis lot is fucking abhorrent.

Speaking of "fucking abhorrent" I imagine the mods are having a whale of a time moderating the comments given what one would expect in terms of mailite sympathy toward murdered children of colour...
By Big Rob
An open door to drug smugglers: Air travellers carrying cannabis let off with slap on wrist

- Passengers caught with small amount of drug are escaping with a warning
- Critics fear smugglers will flock to Britain, without fear of prosecution

Are we talking drug smugglers aiming for a profit here or people bringing in small amounts for personal use?

Last night Mary Brett, of campaign group Europe Against Drugs, said: ‘This is ridiculous. It sends the message, “Bring your cannabis here to Britain and if we catch you it doesn’t matter”.

‘This is simply an extension of the police’s lax attitude on the streets towards cannabis into the airport. They do not consider it a crime and they are happy to turn a blind eye.
‘Those who are caught should be dealt with properly and arrested.

‘If the authorities did prosecute a few it would send a message that we take cannabis seriously, which we obviously do not at the moment.’

Mary Brett looks interesting. Maybe we should stop tolerating sanctimony as, unlike cannabis, when people use sanctimony to get off they negatively affect the lives of others.

Europe against drugs. They seem quite happy to use the European court to further their aims.


in fact, it looks a fairly Eurocentric organisation.

Have all of those busybodies in Europe nothing better to do? :lol:
Gap year horror: Parents reveal how their son was killed in converted crop duster plane with skydiver instructors HIGH on cannabis

Not to take away from how sad the story itself is, but is the fact that a plane crashed while some of the passengers were stoned really relevant? It's the kind of thing that's so fuckwitted you'd hope nobody would fall for it on reading the article, but the headline is enough for people to scroll past it and think 'yeah, serves the wasters right'.
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