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By liberalharpie
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It doesn't matter if a patch test is done or not. You can have a normal patch test and a full on anaphylactic shock when one comes to put the colour on. Those on this thread who are calling these women stupid would do well to read Sali Hughes' well researched column on hair colour and life threatening reactions.

I no longer colour my hair dark since I had a reaction to the colour and had a clear test a couple of days beforehand. ... e-kill-you

The Fail in this instance are right to highlight the problem but they are going the wrong way about it.
By Arnold
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'I looked like a monster': Girl, 16, left with head swollen like a 'football' and unable to open one eye after severe allergic reaction to home hair dye kit
Teenager thought she had nits as she was itching her head so much
Lauren Thomas, 16, said her head inflated like a football and her scalp started oozing puss just hours after using a home hair dying kit. ... e-kit.html
By Timbo
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Another chance to tut and roll your eyes at one of those silly, vein tarts today:

I thought my head would explode! Shocking picture shows swollen face of woman, 32, after allergic reaction to hair dye
- Selma Jesus was forced to call 999 for an ambulance after using the £5.99 Clairol Nice n' Easy black dye
- Her eyes closed up and forehead started to expand ... r-dye.html

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By Bones McCoy
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Paul wrote:Killed by her hair dye: Mother who suffered huge allergic reaction dies after year in coma ... e-kit.html

This kind of stories means that Horrible Histories will still be running in the year 3000.
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