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By Tom_UK
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MacGuffin wrote:Does anyone else find it odd that they put Stephen Jones' age in? Why mention he's 35?

Haven't tracked down his comment, although one other person did complain on the BBC's Points of View messageboard.
I found the quote very suspicious. Usually they quote people on message boards but that doesn't seem to be the case here (you don't give your age on message boards). I suspect that Stephen Jones is fictional or works at the Mail. It's definitely a bullshit of the month contender as they've tried to give the impression that he was dressed this way on the main news. I've just had a look on iPlayer and found that it definitely is from the Country Tracks programme:

By Tom_UK
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How many times can they mention the BBC in this article?

Millionaire BBC TV presenter Kristian Digby suffocated to death accidentally 'when sex game went wrong'
A millionaire BBC television presenter accidentally suffocated himself to death during a solo sex game, an inquest has heard.

Kristian Digby, host of BBC1’s daytime property show To Buy Or Not To Buy, was found in his home by a worried friend who had come to check on him.

The 32-year-old homosexual had suffocated and had a plastic bin liner over his head, the court heard.
Utter c*nts.
By eddyk
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Lord Brett wrote:Plenty of references to Dogby's sexual preferences, too, despite his death being - as the article makes clear - due to solo sexual activity.

Also nice of them to tell us he was a Millionaire over and over.

I remember when he first died there was a 'backlash' over the mails unnecessary publication of alleged 'graphic details'.

I also noticed this story yesterday... ... sband.html" onclick=";return false;

As a comment mentions, she hasn't worked for the BBC for 6 years. There is also a bit of Police bashing in the comments asking how they couldn't tell the injuries were fake. When if you read the story, the police never saw these injuries first hand...only photos of them she had took.
By Tom_UK
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Claudia Winkleman forced to apologise for F-word outburst on BBC show Film 2010
BBC1 viewers were left shocked last night when a four-letter-word rant was accidentally broadcast during Claudia Winkleman's live Film 2010 show.
Evidence produced that any viewers were "left shocked"? None.

I was watching this last night and didn't even notice this, but when Claudia said "'Before we review this film can I just say I'm really sorry, because I think there was a technical difficulty at the top of the show and you might have heard stuff and I apologise if there was. If you didn't, just ignore what I just said.'", I said to my house-mate "I bet this will be in the Daily Mail tomorrow....".
By Fozzy
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So far as I can see, there was only one four letter word used, which is hardly a rant. And for all their claims of outrage, it's interesting that they haven't even been able to dredge up their usual complaint off an internet forum to support this, which suggests that the number of people outraged or even mildly interested is precisely zero.
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