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By Killer Whale
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Didn't watch it. Not interested. However, this part of the story made me chuckle:
The 36-year-old glamourpuss wore a extraordinary layered cherry red £10,000 dress by Kruszynska.

Nancy Del'Ollio and Natasha Kaplinsky are also fans of the Polish designer label based in London's fashionable Knightsbridge.

Polish migrants. Tee hee.
By Paul
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Wossy ... ge_id=1773

and Wogan in the same edition ... ge_id=1773

nearly interchangable remarks

The PC Brigade strikes again in the remarks made by the grossly overpaid Jonathan Ross. The main criterion used by any organization is to employ the most suitable people regardless of their origins. To be forced to employ people from the ethnic minorities purely on race grounds and not for their abilities is totally wrong and should not be suggested

- Alan Ford, Preston England

Not a big fan of Wozza. But I always like it when hypocritical behavior is brought to light. Especially when its the BBC's.

- Chickie, USA

So how much of my £1 donation goes in Terrys pockets then? Disgraceful!

- Margaret Nixon, Paderne, Portugal

I sincerely hope that he has given every last penny to charity.
If he hasn't, that's the last time I donate to Children In Need.

- Judith, France

I've always liked Terry Wogan, but if he says he would present Children In Need for nothing, why doesn't he? He certainly doesn't need the money, as the BBC has been paying him a six figure salary for many years for his TV and radio shows. As for the BBC spokesman saying the Corporation aren't ashamed to continue to pay Sir Terry to host Children In Need, this is yet more evidence of the arrogance of the dinosaurs who work for Britain's last 1970s-style nationalised industry.

- David Harris, London

By Citizen Cain
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Helen actually made a decent point:

Not being rude, but those who suggest this is just an issue of Mr Ross being PC are missing the point. We do not live in a society where people are judged solely on talent and skill. If we did, there would most definitely be more ethnic minorities in boardrooms up and down the country as well as in front of the camera on every channel. To suggest that the fact that there aren't is down to skill and ability is laughable.

If so, please explain the fact that in football, diversity seems to matter less. The fact is, skill and talent only count where there is economic gain or competitive reputation at stake. Otherwise, in my experience, it's business as usual and organisations continue to say all the right weasel words about 'diversity'. Meanwhile, the public get hysterical because they think putting a minority in front of a camera or in a position of power threatens them in some way...

The day it is down to skill and ability will be the day when no one snorts and mentions 'PC'...

- Helen, London, UK

As for the second one, some people need their comprehension skills to be checked....From the article

There is no suggestion that Sir Terry, who owns a mansion near Windsor and a house in France, receives any money intended for charity projects
By larrylargesse
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Well its been awhile but the mail have the beeb in their sight once more..never mind the stuff they love like life on mars and Marrs history of britain and spring watch..
its Wossy they hate and so do the tits that have bothered to share their thoughts with us.. ... rtComments

J Ross is one of the reasons I don't watch the BBC. He is over rated and obscenely over paid. Its a disgrace to pay someone of such limited talent so much money. He loves himself and is so smarmy...sums up the BBC really.

- Jb, UK

good for you sunshine...stop paying your licence fee and we ll send round an engineer to de tune your tv so you cant pick it up.

Does anyone really care that much about the BBC anymore, when we have Sky and cable? And for those of us who do not watch the BBC, we are subsidizing the few viewers they do have anyway.

- Kim, Hampshire, UK
funnily enough kim,you clown alot of people do care about the bbc and no advertising...Id stick to sky one if Iwere you..
By eurobloke1
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larrylargesse wrote:Does anyone really care that much about the BBC anymore, when we have Sky and cable? And for those of us who do not watch the BBC, we are subsidizing the few viewers they do have anyway.

- Kim, Hampshire, UK
funnily enough kim,you clown alot of people do care about the bbc and no advertising...Id stick to sky one if Iwere you..

Kim forgets that much of the output on Sky and the others are usually from the Beeb's archives or they are watching UKTV, a venture that the Beeb has a 50% stake in together with Virgin Television (formally Flextech).
By larrylargesse
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Lambasting for the 'trendy Left-wing bias' of BBC bosses

oh yes just what the mail love ... ge_id=1770

As part of the report's investigations, senior figures at the corporation were forced to admit it was guilty of promoting Left-wing views and an anti-Christian sentiment.

An "impartiality summit" held last year among BBC executives - some of the results of which were used in today's report - also admitted that gays and ethnic minorities were over-represented at the corporation.

Bring back Terry and June please...
By Zinoviev's Ghost
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Citizen Smith wrote:Did anyone hear Melanie Phillips on The Moral Maze on R4 last night? She was complaining that, as a right-wing journo, she found it almost impossible to get published... Worth a listen if it's on R4's (evil) Listen again thingy.

Several things here that makes my piss boil.

1. The Moral Maze - when loonies whinge on and on about 'BBC bias', they never talk about the hard-right opinions coming from Ms Phillips and Clare Fox. Either because they are knuckle-dragging idiots who couldn't find Radio 4 if it fell on them or because they are cherrypicking the evidence of 'bias' to suit their case. Cocksmokers.

2. If Mad Mel finds it almost impossible to get published, then why do I see so much of her rancid writings?
By larrylargesse
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BBC trustees: soaps like EastEnders 'ruining' corporation's image
Corporation pledges to show more repeats ... as bosses get £38,000 pay rise

the mail forgets millions of people watch eastenders but they re common oiks and should nt be allowed to watch this stuff ..more hateful comment fron the noisy minority... check it out.. ... rtComments

this bitch Jaqui s not far from her own thread.

They get a rise of £38,000 and we get the same old rubbish. Get rid of the TV licence fed up with paying there salaries and getting nothing new.

- Jacqui Weems, Southampton

loads more self righteous shite...
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