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By Abernathy
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Well, as it happened, Britain's Thickest MP c. was wrong last night - another woman appeared shortly after she had tweeted her idiocy.

But anyway, how in the name of left-handed feckery is the BBC supposed to regulate the gender of those it needs to have appearing on Newsnight - a daily current affairs programme that needs to reflect whatever or whoever is in the news, regardless of gender?

Dorries is truly, truly, so unbelievably thick that I find it impossible to credit. She has clearly decided to use some imagined gender imbalance within the BBC as her latest attention-seeking yodel, but criticising Newsnight for the gender not of its presenting line-up, but of its current news-based guests is simply beyond stupid.

I find myself wondering what the other candidates considered but rejected for selection by Mid-Bedfordshire Conservative Association were like - then shuddering and forcing myself to think of nice fluffy kittens.
By Abernathy
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Nad's latest Tweet:

DC may have kept the Lib Dems happy today but there's trouble ahead.

The other aspect of the constructed persona of Britain's Thickest MP c. :

The determined backbench rebel. Every bit as thick as the publicity-craving yodeller.
By Abernathy
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Not knowing that much, relatively speaking, about Mad Nad, I decided to look up her Wikipedia entry. And Jeebus H. Tapdancin' Christ, what a read. It relates a history of serial deception, rank hypocrisy, scarcely credible stupidity (of course), and good old-fashioned, head-banging right-wing nastiness. She believes she is an MP because of GOD, not by dint of anything she herself might have done, for example. Read it and weep/laugh out loud.


By Andy McDandy
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I recall her penning (or putting her name to) a BBC-bash published in the Mail, where she claimed it was time to wrap up the BBC because ITV screened Downton. Apparently this meant that they could do 'quality' drama just as well as the Beeb, therefore it was time to wind up Auntie.

Yes, I know, populist demagoguery designed to produce a rosy glow in the cheeks of the faithful, sticks a few quid in her pockets, where's your sense of humour etc. But she's still a cunt who deserves to be dragged out onto College Green, machine-fucked into insensibility, before being repeatedly hit around the head with something metallic.
By Arnold
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Bails wrote:
Andy McDandy wrote: machine-fucked into insensibility


I'm sure there are websites with that sort of thing. :lol:

I've got this mental image of two teams on Scrapheap Challenge racing around looking for parts to build such a machine. What happened to that programme, BTW?
By Bones McCoy
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Tubby Isaacs wrote:Occasionally I think of moving out of London to somewhere cheaper in traveling distance where I might get a game of cricket.

Unfortunately, Dorries is right in the target area.

There used to be cricket in London when I grew up there.
Almost every park had an oval or 2 marked out.

Sold to developers no doubt.
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