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By Daley Mayle
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I used to live in the onomatopoeically named suburb of Cardiff called Splott. Up the road from me Lauren's dad used to have a shop that hired fancy dress plus selling other stuff back in the mid-70s. It didn't do very well and burnt down in an alleged insurance scam.

That's probably the closest thing I have as a claim to fame other than standing behind Edwina Currie in a Lufthansa checkin queue.
By Gourami
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Daley Mayle wrote:That's probably the closest thing I have as a claim to fame other than standing behind Edwina Currie in a Lufthansa checkin queue.

*insert eggy fart joke here*
By bluebellnutter
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"Gender reassignment" is, I assume, the correct medical term for the more commonly used "sex change". However it does sound rather like a shady branch of the civil service.
By Abernathy
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There's something slightly tragic about Lauren Harries doing dodgy topless shots for Bizarre magazine. I can't seem to get the image of young James out of my mind.
By Arnold
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How Sports Illustrated cover girl Kate Upton gained so much weight last summer, her friends staged an intervention ... z1mZA7KJjz
I think she is a cow and I find her milk paps to be repulsive. I like fit models, not fat models.

- NYCER, New York, NY, 15/2/2012 19:19
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Overweight or slim it won't change the fact that she is apple shaped, possibly the worst shape a woman can have.

- someone, somewhere, 15/2/2012 17:43
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For every "Jack" there's a "Jill" so I'm sure that she will attract a lot of attention, and rightly so. However, I would consider myself overweight if I had the back-fat that she has in the photo. She's gorgeous, but overall she looks like a "BIG" woman!

- Rockmelon, Maryland, USA, 15/2/2012 22:35
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Obese. Yes!

- Sarah, London, 16/2/2012 14:56
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By shyamz
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Something tells me NYCER doesn't like models at all in least not female ones.
By Kreuzberger
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shyamz wrote:Something tells me NYCER doesn't like models at all in least not female ones.

Airfix ones?
By Abernathy
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Cougars and pumas?

How many other species of wild cat are women labelled as?
By Tom_UK
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ezinra wrote:Why divorced men are suddenly such a catch: They may be second-hand but they’re domesticated, grown-up and not scared of commitment


I'm sorry, but we are supposed to believe that the fat bird in the pink dress, Sabine, is a MODEL?? a model what? For outsize clothes?? Humungous!

- Zsa Zsa, London, 23/2/2012 9:53 Rating 2


She fits the bill as far as I'm concerned: curvy (lots of pouring potential), dark hair, a bit foreign, and - as the first paragraph ludicrously points out - she's got a Jag!
By ezinra
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Race against the tide: Bravery of young mother who stayed by her horse's side for THREE HOURS after getting trapped in mud 'like quicksand'

Top story on the site and more than 1100 comments already.

No wonder it sank with that fat WOMAN 'RIDING' IT. bET SHE DOES NOT HAVE A HUSBAND.

- The Vicar, The Church, 28/2/2012 19:57 Rating 27

The Mail is your friend here, reverend, as its house style still attaches importance to a woman's marital status. The "fat WOMAN" is Miss Graham.

With that weight on its back, I wouldn't have been surpised if the horse had sank so deep that it popped up in the house of commons.

- Transdanubia, somewhere else, 28/2/2012 15:41 Rating 61
Woman does something completely unremarkable and its headline news. Men die protecting women and children and its not reported. Thank you for making it clear how much you hate men.

- John Rambo 02, Germany, 28/2/2012 14:07 Rating 392

My favourite whatabouttehmenz of 2012.
By Althea
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Jeez, that's disgusting. I'd guess she was my weight at best (10-11st), and that's probably 20% of what the horse weighs.
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