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By Paul
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Snag your tights, get a payout! How civil servants are allowed to claim for everyday wear-and-tear of their clothes - and taxpayers foot the bill

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The continuing of the softening up of people who work in the public sector by the DM on behalf of the Tories. The DM knows it, but before long it becomes a "fact" a bit like the Winterval nonsense, before they had to reluctantly correct it in 2011. As an NHS Nurse, I get an £18 shoes and tights allowance a year, as part of my terms and conditions agreed with the HMRC, big deal. What did Vodaphone not pay in Tax or the D M G T for that matter.

- Anne, West Midlands EU, 17/2/2012 15:30
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The other half went off like rocket !
By Paul
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Spring comes early in the South... but it's still grim up North as Cumbria battens down the hatches with snow and freezing winds

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I thought after Positive Weather Solutions disappeared up their own low trough, we might hope for more balanced information, but no ! It has been rather brisk here today, there are more birds about, but it was quite warm in the sheltered sun. Improved weather is on the way. My Pussy wants to spend more time outside in the fresh air and who can blame her !

- Anne, West Midlands EU, 19/2/2012 14:24


By TonyHoyle
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MeteoGroup? Is that the new PWS then?

(f/x: googles): "MeteoGroup, the weather division of the Press Association" (


They're using their own reporters now to come up with fake weather reports? Not even an attempt to claim they're a legit forecasting company?
By Arnold
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Who wants to live forever? Russian project aims to transplant a human brain into a 'Davros'-style robot body within 10 years ... z1nmvWpvoD
Sounds pretty dangerous to me, what if the 'upload' fails? Or is interrupted half way through? - tom, Manchester (isn't a town), 29/2/2012 15:45 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>If it's interrupted half way through, you get a half-wit, and if it fails altogether you get an average DM reader.

- realist, uk, 29/2/2012 15:54
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Shouldn't this nonsense be in a comic? Oh, wait a minute, it is.

- Mark Harwood, Huddersfield, 29/2/2012 16:07
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By ezinra
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'It makes you want to have sex with your husband': How X-rated bondage novel is unlikely new fad for well-heeled New York moms

Whatever floats your boat, 'moms'. Personally I get my kicks from words rather than images: the lovely photographs on the right of this page do nothing for me, but give me a story about a celebrity taking her clothes off for money or a Kardashian visiting an airport wearing a pair of shoes, and I'm a wild animal.

- Dai Carr, Nord Falaise
By shyamz
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Just read the extract on the website, and not only is it dreadfully written (with some words comicaly "BLEEP"ed out by the mail) with the author clearly indulging in some embarrasing Mary Sue fantasy, but it's so sad to hear that so many women are going gaga over it.
By Arnold
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ezinra wrote:Finally something French to go with the fries: France's McDonald's introduces new burger-filled baguettes to lure Gallic customers

Sacré bleu! I'm expecting a double c-burger from my boss when I show him the rubbish I've written today.

- Modest E, Saint Paul de Hectare

McM*rd*, as the french say

- Keeping it real, The Land of Reality, 29/2/2012 19:03
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Only three in the green, but that's probably the number of Mailites who understood it.
By ezinra
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'Christian is standing over me grasping a plaited, leather riding crop.

'He’s wearing old, faded, ripped Levis and that's all. He flicks the crop slowly into his palm as he gazes down at me. He's smiling, triumphant. I cannot move. I am BLEEP and BLEEP, BLEEP on a large four-poster bed.

'Reaching forward, he trails the tip of the crop from my forehead down the length of my nose, so I can smell leather, and over my BLEEP, BLEEP lips. He pushes the BLEEP, BLEEP BLEEP, BLEEP, BLEEP etc…'

I need help filling in the BLEEPs here. (Convent school education.) It's like the most difficult Supermatch Game ever, and I've picked Lorraine Chase as my celebrity help.

Dacre's rants must be so much easier.
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