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Aired tonight for the first time on Channel 4. I haven't seen it, since I don't have freeview presently. However, I will 4OD it. Channel 4 do have their own version of the citizenship test which I scored 22 out of 24. Some was guesswork but I won't have to worry about being deported soon. ... nship-test
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Well I'm out of here with a paltry 63% (in my defence I had the telly on so it wasn't exactly exam conditions).
Interesting looking at the stats that the Under 18s and those born abroad did better than older and UK born people.

I watched the programme and thought it was quite interesting, although not always for the reasons I expect the makers intended.

I've read people on the net (from both the left and the far-right) prior to the broadcast predicting that it would be a sop to the far-right. I'm not convinced this is so.
Sure, like all 'reality TV', it's engineered to be confrontational cause that's good telly. So we have a devote Muslim who keeps disappearing to pray 5 times a day (sometimes for extended periods) and a retired copper who reminisces about his Asian colleague with whom he used to 'joke' about going "Paki bashing". :roll:
But it all turns out fine in the end because everybody forgives everyone else and reaches understanding and empathy - a "Walton's" moment.*barf*

However I can't see the EDL or BNP will gain much comfort from seeing white and black people's (apparently sincere) distress at the psychological harm their own casual racism causes. No doubt the EDL/BNP will dismiss the programme as social engineering by the Commie Channel 4, hell bent on destroying Ingerlish Kultur by showing a multicultural group accommodating each other rather than shouting playground insults.

You can't change the world through reality TV, but if it makes any of it's audience reflect on how their own behaviour might affect others, then it's a shuffle in the right direction.

I intend to watch part 2.
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bluebellnutter wrote:11/24

I quite fancy New Zealand, Mr Immigration man

Will you be given a choice? Surely you get sent back to where you "came from".
Not sure how that would work in my case, my grandparents on my mother's side were from Southern Ireland, but they were born before Irish independence.
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