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By Bones McCoy
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Lord Brett wrote:For what it's worth, I think Starkey's game plan is to wing up on the lecture tour/Fox News curcuit in America. As Niall Ferguson and Andrew Roberts discovered, there's always room for another pompous right wing historian in America telling them they are right.

You're so right.
Take this piece ... &task=view

He's authored it anonymously, but it's got his pompous linguistic style all through it.
You can't hide that level of arrogance behind a pseudonym (Institute for studies indeed!).
By Messianic Trees
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The Mailites seem to like Starkey:
I thought Mr Starkey was brilliant and clearly so much better informed and intelligent than the other panel members. Not afraid to use plain language and could not give a monkeys about being politically correct. It was clear to me that some in the audience were just listening to the words rather than what he was saying and are not accustomed to hearing such forthright opinions. The audience at times seemed more interested in trying to take offence at his chocie of words but clearly were not listening to the actual point he was trying to make . During one of his answers the audience were groaning at the use of a few blunt words but when he finished his point they were applauding. He was not racist or prejudiced in any way but just spoke in a way that some find diffcult to listen to. I thought he was great.
- Straight Talking Yorkshireman, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, 2/3/2012 15:49 404

I love this man's bluntness, he makes some very valid points that so many nowadays are scared to make for fear of offending people. Please carry on Mr Starkey, you speak the truth.
- Matt, Lancashire, 2/3/2012 15:40 364

Read more at: ... sion.html#
By Tubby Isaacs
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I nearly made a humorous remark about them having the sense not to vote for Warsi in 2005.

But seeing 13.1% went for the BNP, that probably wasn't for the right reason. Fuckheads.

Is this one of the "we're a dump, but we're voting Tory because we're cunts" constituencies? See also Gloucester and Sittingbourne/Sheppey.
By Abernathy
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Esqui wrote:Wuh?

He (Starkey) has a different perspective. He doesn't cower at political correctness. He adds to diversity. He annoys. I like that.

My MP likes annoying people, who'd have thought

Starkey not an MP.
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