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By ezinra
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Incredibly patronising. I thought the Somalia experience was bad; this might be worse.

I haven’t been treated too badly today, but I suppose it’s one thing being old in the upmarket borough of Kensington. What’s it like to be old on a bleak housing estate, or in a care home?

Oh my conscience!

What she seems to admire about old people is how they put on a brave face. Bless them. The single change that would most improve pensioners' lives is a humane pensions policy. But that suggestion is too political for this Right Minds columnist.
By Andy McDandy
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Interestingly, the Times tried this recently - dress and make up a journo to look old and see how they find life. A number of readers wrote in to point out that it might be better (and less patronising, and cheaper etc) to just ask a few older readers how their lives were.

They pointed out that in these stunts (because that's what they are), the journo always assumes the persona of a doddering, poor, slightly senile meek little mouse - in other words a stereotype (right down to the Dot Cotton duds) that's pretty out of date. Older people are just as mixed a bag as any other section of society, and these articles just confirm the suspicion that London media types despise (and feel the need to label) everyone outside their immediate bubble.

I agree with John the New, that the Times is an occasinal ray of sanity in the right-leaning media.
By shyamz
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Messianic Trees wrote:The day I faced my fear of growing old
She's spent a fortune trying to hold back the years. So what happened when the Mail transformed LIZ JONES into an OAP?

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/artic ... z1mGjNOyX3


Given that they know full well they won't get anything worthwhile out of her from this experiment, perhaps their. ain reason for picking her to do it was for their own amusement? Getting back at her for all her surgery and vanity?

After all, they almost say as much in the heading.
By PaulOnBooks
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Scotdeb wrote:She's terrifying the world again in this one. Thankfully the article is Liz Jones light.


"In my head, I believe I resemble Jennifer Connolly"

Bitch, double, thrice bitch with that aspirational frozen pizza up her arse! That's one of my fantasy figures blown out of the water.
By Andy McDandy
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Go on Liz, recreate THAT scene fom 'Requiem for a Dream' then.
By Arnold
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Liz wears a Pringle of Scotland tank top, £225, Pringle shirt in soft grey, £325, Hunter Original wellies, £79, Bates cap, £79, and Barbour International in petrol blue, £249

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/artic ... z1oRvbUho3
Jeez. They certainly saw Liz coming. When did Pringles branch out from selling crisps?
By shyamz
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How the fuck would she know?
By davidjay
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Even by Liz Jones standards that was a waste of space. "What did you do today, Liz?" "I got paid for telling a prince what shoes he should wear."
By shyamz
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Liz hates the natural human body, that's why she's so obsessed with telling people how to cover it.
By davidjay
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Marital advice from Liz Jones. You couldn't make it up.
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