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By Malcolm Armsteen
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Remember him?
Political editor at the left-wing biased BBC who went off to work as Boris Johnson's Press Secretary, then off to Murdoch's Mob.

It seems that his true blue Tory nature is now showing ... sfeed=true" onclick=";return false;
Boris Johnson's former communications chief threatened to use his contacts in the press to confront the BBC over its coverage of the Conservative mayor of London, suggesting that "good friends in No 10" could also be deployed against them, emails leaked to the Guardian reveal.

The threat of a "huge public fight" was levelled at senior BBC figures by Guto Harri, a former BBC correspondent himself, who announced last week that he was moving to become director of communications at News International.
By Tubby Isaacs
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You beat me to it.

The BBC's unreasonable action that brought this on?
In the emails, Harri told Will Walden, the BBC's Westminster news editor – whom Johnson has since chosen as Harri's replacement as head of communications at City Hall – that the BBC faced a "huge public fight" if an interview about Johnson with his unauthorised biographer, Sonia Purnell, went ahead.
Utter horseshit about Purnell being able to "pontificate unchallenged". Because when you interview a biographer you always have the subject of the biography there too. Bollocks.

They should have had Sonia Purnell on when Johnson dropped out of the interview with Tim Donovan.

The biography is good, btw.
By Tubby Isaacs
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It's pretty measured. One of the claims she makes is that Johnson gave less to charity than he promised from his Telegraph column.

You reckon that might have resonated with the media if it was Livingstone?

Johnson also stuck up some edifice in his back garden that broke planning regulations and pissed his neighbours off.
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