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By MacGuffin
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Didn't see this mentioned anywhere, but sorry if it has been....

Rick Dewsbury (who wrote that article about mixed race families) is back.

This time, he's claiming the Le Mans race takes place in 'Monaco, France'. ... ction.html
By oboogie
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MacGuffin wrote: This time, he's claiming the Le Mans race takes place in 'Monaco, France'.
There's a bit a clue in the fact it's called Le Mans - after the place where it's held.
I expect he thinks Wimbledon is held in Newcastle.
By oboogie
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Malcolm Armsteen wrote:Be fair, the watch is called a 'Monaco', that's the sort of thing that might confuse a stupid person.

Except it isn't, it's a nostalgia re-issue...
What!! :shock:
You'll be telling me next that the chocolate bar I had with my coffee this afternoon was actually made on earth!!
By TonyHoyle
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#251585 ... liday.html" onclick=";return false;
The rugby league Challenge Cup at Wembley, horse-racing at Cheltenham, the Reading and Leeds music festivals and the Notting Hill carnival are among the events set to be affected.
Rather difficult since there isn't any horse racing at Cheltenham this weekend.. Never is on August bank holiday.
By SoulBoy
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'Orwell is far too left-wing for us': What BBC chief told Joan Bakewell over plans to honour 'greatest journalist of his day' with statue

Read more: ... z24OfQyZWl" onclick=";return false;
Orwell produced radio programmes at Broadcasting House during World War Two, before leaving to write Animal Farm and dystopian masterpiece 1984.
Mailtards are quick to quote the book while showing few signs of even having read the cover, nice to see that one of the DM's infinite monkeys with a typewriter can make the same mistake.
By MacGuffin
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#252385 ... onary.html
David Cameron has been credited with bringing the term 'date night' into the mainstream after revealing in January that he and his wife Samantha keep their relationship fresh by having a weekly 'date night' at home or at a favourite restaurant.
He has? I would have thought the 2010 Tina Fey-Steve Carell film called...ummm...'Date Night' might have had something to do with that...
By Kreuzberger
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Apologies for not posting this yesterday. I took the screen grab, became side-tracked and totally forgot.

Basically, they are at it again. Picturing Brevik looking pissed off because he was declared same by the courts and would be avoiding jail. Except, of course, he wasn't, they didn't and he won't.

By Kreuzberger
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Despite the "One Silly Reporter" defence offered by the odious Mista Clarke before Leveson. ... alousness/" onclick=";return false;
By Big Arnold
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He told the inquiry: “The thing than made me angriest was that there was no need for it… We had a thorough inquiry, as you can tell, advice was issued, firm advice, to people, and I’ll be very displeased if any of those things happen again.”
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