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new puritan wrote:I'm not watching it but it's worth bearing in mind that Balls has quite a bad speech impediment. It seems to be worse on some days than others.
Didnt know that - he's always come across as normal in that regard. He does seem to be tripping over his words more often than usual.
I'd not really noticed till he had to reply to Osborne's astonishing "that's Ed Balls, by the way" insult. Probably anger brings it on.
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It's such a disingenuous figure to include when the auction will not happen till next year. What if it doesn't raise the speculated amount? Awful.

I was not aware of Ball's speech impediment. Typical bullying from the Bullingdon boys.
smod wrote:I was not aware of Ball's speech impediment. Typical bullying from the Bullingdon boys.
There's no way most of those braying arseholes in the chamber weren't aware of it. This sort of thing is precisely why so many people despise them. They just can't help but behave like obnoxious, sneering cunts.
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Let me suggest something. It’s just an idea. I can’t prove it right or wrong. Nor can it, for that matter be disproved. But the suggestion I want to make is that a country’s corporation tax rate might be inversely correlated to its confidence in the offering it has to make to those companies who want to locate their businesses in its jurisdiction.

In that case look at this graph from the autumn statement on where the UK will be compared to other countries:
I call that a vote of no confidence by George Osborne in the UK. We’re in the wrong company. But maybe that’s because he thinks we can’t compete with the eilte. If so, that’s worrying.
Tubby Isaacs wrote:Cathy Newman really hates him. She's brough Faisal Islam in to back her up.
I got that impression reading her tweets this afternoon. Mind you she does do the C4 Factcheck page so she has to wade through more Tory bollocks than most.

By the way, take a look at how the Telegraph is reporting the autumn statement.

Autumn Statement: Osborne takes cash from middle class and pensioners

Lots of frothing in the comments about benefits recipients, as ever. Not to worry, they're getting it as well - Gid's made sure of that.
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