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By Bones McCoy
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Violent crime seems to be the falling measure drawing most attention.

I'm a little worried by two assumptions in all the reports.

The first is that every victim of violent crime will present at an A&E.
(Last time it happened to me - many years ago - I walked home and wrapped my hand in a bag of frozen peas).

The other is an almost unanimous assumption that reduced alcohol consumption is the key.
It may be, but there's been no direct evidence, just some muttering about reduced affordability (By the same mob who often moan that it's more affordable than ever).
By youngian
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Posters have already warned about the putrid reactionary drivel that is the Jeremy Vine Show on R2 so I've only myself to blame for tuning in. He's got his pulse on Daily Mail land hasn't he. Top of the discussion list on Friday was a Mail article about a puerile remark in Socialist Worker regarding the need to save the Polar Bear after eating up an Etonian gap year student or something. This is no different to racism according to Vine's listeners and er.. no sorry couldn't take anymore.
By Abernathy
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Mail readers don't understand racism. It's not going away so they try to employ accusations of racism in their own defence, but invariably fail miserably because they're too thick to really get it.
By youngian
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When the present Radio 2 was Radio 1 I don't remember the station having any interest in rock music before 8pm apart from Johnny Walker. Some of them claim to have caught Nirvana, Clash or Led Zep in their heyday but I seemed to remember they were busy playing Take That, Culture Club or the Dooleys.
SoulBoy wrote:John Bishop was in the Chris Evans slot this morning - who thought that was a good idea?
I would have thought John Bishop is a perfect choice for a Radio 2 presenter. I read Jonathan Ross is also back on doing a holiday stint. The Mail is not pleased ... -show.html" onclick=";return false;

But they are not alone, a complaint has been made by BBC Radio Devon DJ Gordon Sparks ... -1-6802081" onclick=";return false;
By Andy McDandy
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IIRC back in the early to mid 90s, aside from the evening session R1 were pretty late to the party on both grunge and Britpop, and even then concentrated more on the popular bands and inevitable cash-ins than on the more artistically valid acts.

By 1994 the summer roadshow was still Smiley Miley and implied shenanigans in hotel rooms, obviously not of the Yewtree variety, obviously.
By new puritan
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Hannah Williams
Oh my god. Humphreys on #r4today asks abuse victim if she could've prevented the abuse. At the age of 13. No words.
Braindead. Can't listen to Today myself anymore, it's just infuriating.
By Hairy_Ears
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Killer Whale wrote:
youngian wrote: the Dooleys.
Fucking hell. Whenever I manage to erase from my memory the fact that the Dooleys even existed, some bastard has to mention them again. You've just condemned me to three months of shock therapy and sleeping pills.
Even when I was little and not terribly discerning I still hated the Dooleys. And I too am not wild about being reminded about them!
By Daley Mayle
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Pfft, what a po-faced lot you are. If it wasn't for this bunch of fine songsters then comedians from the 1970s wouldn't have been able to use their name as a euphemism or, indeed, come up with chuckletastic jokes where the punchline was, " 'You've got me' by the Dooleys ".
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