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By Big Rob
I don't really comment on Mail threads anymore. The Mail's pages are either way to slow or they crash my fucking browser.

It's not necessarily a bad thing and I am wondering whether they should really go to the effort of seeing whether they have problems with people accessing their site from across the pond?
By Big Rob
Tried again. Crashed my browser.

Other sites work fine. I wonder if my anti-virus think it is infected (there is a shit load of other links that the mail online insists on posting to gain revenue). One of those could be blocking access. That said, it takes forever to load on my phone too.
By Fozzy
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I previously worked somewhere where there was some sort of complex access system which meant that the internet really only worked satisfactorily with straighforward documents in plain text and took ages to upload anything with pictures. It couldn't cope with the DM website at all.
The Indy's site used to be renowned for being [technically] shite.
It's improved somewhat in the last couple of years but it's still bad.

The Guardian has lost it big-time recently. Not that I actually care.
By Zuriblue
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Daley Mayle wrote:I found The Independent to be worserer than The Mail but since downloading Adblocker the wait time is much reduced.

Sorry if that sounded like a 1980s commercial for soap powder.
I think it's definitely ads. When I go to a site and it is slow to load the status bar at the bottom of Chrome nearly always shows it is some adserver that is stuffing things up.

Ads can also be used to spread malware so you need to be careful. ... lware_ads/" onclick=";return false;
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